Refining Nutritional Guidance | Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Explore Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt’s transformation in nutritional guidance at Diet Doctor, emphasizing satiety and protein leverage and satiety for effective fat loss. Dive into this engaging discussion with Marty Kendall on Optimising Nutrition.

The End of Craving | Mark Schatzker

The End of Craving | Mark Schatzker

It was an honour to chat with Mark Schatzker about his new book, The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well. I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of his work since reading The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor.   Many diet authors blame the obesity epidemic on a single … Read more

Build Habits to Crush Your Goals in 2022 | Matty Lansdown

Build Habits to Crush Your Goals in 2022 - Matty Lansdown

This chat with Matty Lansdown was part interview, part therapy session as I’ve been working on focusing on getting the essential things done in a world designed to distract and monetise your attention.   I hope this episode of the Optimising Nutrition Podcast will inspire you to kick start the habits you want to build to … Read more

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Female Hormones | Karen Martel

Perhaps even more than weight loss, the transition women experience as they transition through middle age is one of the hottest topics in our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group.   Not only do blood sugars, cravings and insulin sensitivity change across the month, but the changes that occur during menopause can make maintaining a healthy weight and … Read more

The Future of Keto | Craig Emmerich

Craig Emmerich is the author of the book “Keto: The Complete Guide” and the PMSF Cookbook and hubby to Maria Emmerich.   Maria and Craig have been at the forefront of the keto movement since way before it was trendy.  Craig is a fellow engineer who seeks to understand how things work to understand how to … Read more

Regenerative Agriculture Q&A | Diana Rodgers

There is plenty of debate about how we can feed a rapidly growing population in a way that is healthy for us and our fragile planet with limited resources.   Diana Rogers and Robb Wolf recently weighed into the debate.  Their book (and accompanying film) Sacred Cow proposed that, rather than doubling down on an industrial, … Read more

Intermittent Fasting for Women | Cynthia Thurlow

2x TED speaker and host of the popular Everyday Wellness Podcast Cynthia Thurlow had just finished writing the manuscript for her new book Intermittent Fasting Transformation: The 45-Day Program for Women to Lose Stubborn Weight, Improve Hormonal Health, and Slow Aging.   In a world where more often equals better, Cynthia Thurlow delivered a ton of … Read more

The Future of Fasting and Life After Facebook | Gin Stephens

Gin Stephens, author of Delay Don’t Deny and Fast Feast Repeat, has been a powerhouse in the intermittent fasting movement!   Gin’s support has helped Data-Driven Fasting explode the way it has!  I am very grateful to her!  It all started when she had Lori Leeke on her Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast.  After Lori’s encouragement, I … Read more