Maile’s Triumph: From Lupus Struggles to Thriving at 50

I’m excited and honoured to share Maile’s story of nutritional optimisation.  Maile first caught our attention when she topped the weight loss leaderboard in our August 2023 Data-Driven Fasting Challenge with a massive 15 lb (6.8 kg) in just four weeks.  She then returned in our Macros Masterclass and Micros Masterclass to optimise her diet … Read more

Lori’s Data-Driven Journey to Nutritional Empowerment and Wellness

Data-Driven Fasting wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for the amazing Lori Leeke. I initially published a blog post back in 2018 outlining how someone could potentially use their glucose as a fuel gauge with an updated premeal glucose trigger. A few months later, Lori contacted me and told me she had put it … Read more

Data-Driven Fasting: August 2023 Success Stories Revealed!

Who thought your blood glucose could hold the key to a game-changing approach to eating? Get ready for an adventure where the answer to “WHAT and WHEN to eat” transforms into a saga of astounding weight loss, fat reduction, and blood glucose optimisation. In the 25th round of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, 577 individuals embarked … Read more

The Transformative Results of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – July 2023

Q:  What happens when you use your blood glucose to gamify WHAT and WHEN to eat?  A:  As you’ll see, amazing weight loss, fat loss and optimised blood glucose!   More than six hundred people joined in the 24th round of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge (1 – 30 July 2023).  The Optimising Nutrition Community has grown … Read more