Data-Driven Fasting Challenge

The Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge will guide you to optimise your eating routine to align with your unique metabolism, preferences and goals.  We will show you how to manage your blood glucose, optimise your health and burn body fat!

The Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge will guide you through the following phases.


  • Identify your blood glucose trigger that you will use to validate your hunger.  

Your Current Foods & Meals

  • Learn how the foods and meals you currently eat impact you and which ones spike YOUR blood glucose, crash your blood sugar and leave you ravenously hungry, leave your blood sugar and insulin elevated or make you feel satisfied and allow your blood glucose to return to baseline so you can eat again sooner.
  • Develop a shortlist of foods and meals that you enjoy and work for your unique metabolism.

Hunger Training

  • Delay eating until your blood glucose is below your trigger to ensure that you only eat when you need to refuel. 
  • Progressively deplete your blood glucose and burn more of your unwanted body fat.  

Kerb Your Late-Night Bingeing

  • Use your waking blood glucose to identify if you are eating too late.

Main vs Discretionary Meals

  • Anchor your eating routine with a Main Meal to ensure you get the nutrients your body requires.  

Optimise Your Routine  

  • Use your blood glucose data trends to optimise what and when you eat. 

What You Will Get

  • A structured 30-day program with daily lessons to guide you to optimise YOUR fasting routine.
  • The Data-Driven Fasting app to track your data and guide your progress.  
  • 210-page manual, complete with detailed instructions and answers to all the frequently asked questions.
  • A workbook to reflect on your learning during the challenge.
  • A supportive community forum where you can share your journey and ask lots of questions.
  • Weekly Live Q&As where you can ask all your questions and get extra support (these are recorded if you can’t make it live).
  • Daily Lessons and 24/7 online support.


  • USD$37


  • Our next Data-Driven Fasting Challenge starts on Saturday, 20 May 2023.


10 thoughts on “Data-Driven Fasting Challenge”

  1. You seemed to indicate we could try the app for free for 2 wks. This would be particularly helpful to me, especially since formally joining a cohort on July 23 isn’t possible. So where do I go to find the free app trial?

  2. Does the DDF program require use of a glucose meter to get the most out of it? What if I do not own a glucose meter and have never used one where/how do I get started?

  3. Hi I live in Canada and just got a CGM so would love to join the challenge to learn more. Are there any live classes or is everything pre recorded? Just wondering if it would be an issue with the time difference. Thx

    • Most of the content is delivered in the group with the daily lessons. The Live Q&A sessions are Saturday afternoons (US/Canada time), but they’re also recorded for people who can’t join in live.


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