Unlocking Your Metabolic Potential with Data-Driven Fasting

Your body is a fascinating and complex organism that adapts to the stresses of any new environment to keep you alive. By exposing yourself to bursts of stress like Data-Driven Fasting, your body can adapt to thrive. Your body is an adaptable marvel, and through Data-Driven Fasting (DDF), you’re about to witness its incredible capacity … Read more

Perimenopause Weight Gain & Fat Loss Explained

Menopause—the cessation of monthly hormone cycles, bleeding (menses), and egg releases (ovulation) that often occurs in a woman’s forties and fifties—is often met with dread.  The hormone changes during a woman’s transition into menopause (i.e., perimenopause) cause mood swings, changes in body temperature, unpredictable bleeding, energy fluctuations, and ever-feared weight gain.  Understanding and addressing menopausal … Read more

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Female Hormones | Karen Martel

Perhaps even more than weight loss, the transition women experience as they transition through middle age is one of the hottest topics in our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group.   Not only do blood sugars, cravings and insulin sensitivity change across the month, but the changes that occur during menopause can make maintaining a healthy weight and … Read more