Build Habits to Crush Your Goals in 2022 | Matty Lansdown

This chat with Matty Lansdown was part interview, part therapy session as I’ve been working on focusing on getting the essential things done in a world designed to distract and monetise your attention.  

I hope this episode of the Optimising Nutrition Podcast will inspire you to kick start the habits you want to build to empower you to move towards your goals in 2022.  

Matty Lansdown is a fellow Aussie and host of the popular How Not to Get Sick and Die Podcast, where he dispenses simple, no-nonsense practical health tips.

Before becoming a popular speaker in health and nutrition, Matty studied forensic science and was a molecular biologist and epigenetics researcher.  

I wanted to chat to Matty about the biology of habit change – why we often know what to do and don’t do it.  What ensued was a fun freeform chat and practically a therapy session about managing the overwhelm of dopamine overdrive from food, social media and our modern lifestyle.  

Listen to our chat to learn how you can do what you want and need to do and turn your hopes into habits in the real world.  


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