Intermittent Fasting 2.0 + Nutrient Density FTW! | Jane Getting

After struggling with her weight for decades, Jane topped the weight loss leaderboard in our January 30-Day Data-Driven Fasting Challenge with 17 lbs weight loss at a phenomenal rate of 2.5% per week!   She then followed up with the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass and dialled in her macronutrients and micronutrients.   She dropped a fantastic 22.6 lb …

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How To Finally Put Your Health First | Bett Lucas

Bett Lucas is a busy mom (of six), wife and businessperson.
She works full time in the energy industry and has won numerous awards for her leadership and charitable projects. Bett believes you can manage a career and home life and wants to inspire those juggling both—or hoping to.
“Women should be proud of who they are at home and in the workplace.” A key balancing element is regaining and maintaining health. She challenges women to take back their health, reminding them that doing so is not selfish…that by being healthier, they can contribute more fully at home and work.
I wanted to talk to Bett about her journey of putting herself and her health first so she could serve her family more and achieve more. A lot of the time women end up putting their own needs last to the detriment of their health and well-being. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

The Guru’s Guru | Mike Julian

Mike Julian has been a great friend and taught me a LOT over the past six years or so!
Shortly after I kicked it off the Optimising Nutrition Facebook Group, Mike made so many insightful contributions that I asked him to become an admin.
Back in the day, we had a unique group of people who would share their research and insights (including Tommy Wood, Robb Wolf, Raymund Edwards, Luis Villasenor) eager to learn more about nutrition and metabolism. It made for a unique learning environment and a hive mind learning.
I have learned so much about how human metabolism works and how to improve it from Mike, who has been a pioneer in digesting the research, joining the dots and sharing it freely.

Fitness 101:The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Exercise | Bronson Dant

Podcast  Subscribe to listen at: Apple Podcasts   Spotify  Google   Anchor  To help us reach more people, please rate and review. Show notes  Many people find they have newfound energy to exercise as they start to lose weight after they dial in WHAT and WHEN they eat.   We get lots of questions in the Nutritional Optimisation …

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Mistakes, unlearning and learning in Ketoland | Dr Ted Naiman

It was SO much fun to finally get to chat with Dr Ted Naiman about all that we’ve learned (and had to unlearn) over the last five years.

Ted has done heaps of interviews and podcasts about what he now believes, so I wanted to dig behind the memes to understand how he has changed what he believes.