The Best (and Worst) of Biohacking | Melanie Avalon

Melanie Avalon’s podcast synthesises complex topics and brings them to life for her listeners.   Her podcast episodes are a fascinating DEEP dive into the topic to elucidate the practical application and the pros and cons.  We had a ton of positive feedback from my interview on her podcast.  Our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group exploded … Read more

Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies on a Vegetarian Diet | Karen Lerner-Mayrand

We are all about optimising your nutrition, regardless of your food preferences.  Our mantra is your diet doesn’t need a name, just enough nutrients.  And Karen Lerner-Mayrand takes it to heart!  It was great to chat with Karen about how she dialled in her vegetarian diet to top the nutrient density leaderboard in our Nutritional … Read more

NutriBooster Recipes | Saskia Lesser

It has been such a pleasure to work with Saskia over the past 2.5 years to create the NutriBooster suite of recipes,  books (and now meal plans!    We now have 460 NutriBooster recipes catalogued in Nutrient Optimiser and spread across 29 recipe books and meal plans tailored for a wide range of contexts, goals and … Read more

How To Put Your Health First | Bett Lucas

Bett Lucas is a busy mom (of six), wife and businessperson.
She works full time in the energy industry and has won numerous awards for her leadership and charitable projects. Bett believes you can manage a career and home life and wants to inspire those juggling both—or hoping to.
“Women should be proud of who they are at home and in the workplace.” A key balancing element is regaining and maintaining health. She challenges women to take back their health, reminding them that doing so is not selfish…that by being healthier, they can contribute more fully at home and work.
I wanted to talk to Bett about her journey of putting herself and her health first so she could serve her family more and achieve more. A lot of the time women end up putting their own needs last to the detriment of their health and well-being. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.