Dietary Ingredients to Feel Full and Fuelled: The Principal Components of Satiety

Q: Why do we eat?  A: To get the balance of nutrients and energy we require.  Q: What nutrients do we crave?  A: Protein and minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium.    Q: How can we reverse-engineer our food choices to satisfy our cravings without overeating? A: By ensuring we get enough of the protein … Read more

Perimenopause Weight Gain & Fat Loss Explained

Menopause—the cessation of monthly hormone cycles, bleeding (menses), and egg releases (ovulation) that often occurs in a woman’s forties and fifties—is often met with dread.  The hormone changes during a woman’s transition into menopause (i.e., perimenopause) cause mood swings, changes in body temperature, unpredictable bleeding, energy fluctuations, and ever-feared weight gain.  Understanding and addressing menopausal … Read more