The Future of Keto | Craig Emmerich

Craig Emmerich is the author of the book “Keto: The Complete Guide” and the PMSF Cookbook and hubby to Maria Emmerich.  

Maria and Craig have been at the forefront of the keto movement since way before it was trendy.  Craig is a fellow engineer who seeks to understand how things work to understand how to help people more effectively with their books and MANY cookbooks, website and Facebook groups.  

I have been chatting with Craig for years about nutrition for the past six years since the early days of the Optimising Nutrition Facebook Group, where we were all avidly sharing and learning the nuances of nutrition.  Like me, he shares a lot of the frustration of what ‘keto’ has become and works to correct the many false beliefs that lead people down the wrong path.  

This was a great chat to reflect with Craig on the past and future trajectory of the ‘keto’ movement.  We discussed: 

  • What are the biggest misconceptions in the low carb/keto nutrition space?
  • What are the most common issues you encounter with your clients who come to you for guidance?
  • When is dialling up protein % appropriate (e.g. PSMF)?
  • Do you recommend chasing higher ketones?
  • Should you eat more fat to lose body fat?  
  • What would you change in Ketoland if you could?
  • Does fat or protein with nutrient density and satiety?
  • Why is insulin so misunderstood?
  • Finally, where do you see the keto movement heading in the future?

You can also check out my chat with Maria and Craig here.


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