Evolving Keto Wisdom | Dr Ted Naiman

Embark on a revealing journey with Dr Ted Naiman as he unravels the lessons learned and unlearned about ketogenic diets over the years.

This candid conversation delves into debunking popular myths, understanding the role of insulin, and unveiling practical advice for those keen on a nutritional overhaul.

With a blend of personal insights and evidence-based discussions, this piece offers a refreshing perspective on navigating the keto landscape towards achieving your health goals.

It was SO much fun to finally chat with Dr. Ted Naiman about all that we’ve learned (and had to unlearn) about ketogenic diets over the last five years.

Ted has done heaps of interviews and podcasts about his current beliefs, so I wanted to dig behind his trademark memes to understand how he has changed what he believes.

We covered:

  • Why Ted now believes the Carb-Insulin Hypothesis is dead.
  • What does insulin really do?
  • The Personal Fat Threshold
  • Energy Toxicity
  • Protein Leverage
  • Food quality
  • Nutrient density
  • The limitations of extended fasting.
  • The most common advice Ted gives his patients that always works. 
  • Ted’s advice for someone just starting on their journey.
  • How Ted’s daily eating routine looks.
  • Does Ted take supplements?
  • What are the top five foods Ted eats most often?
  • How Ted motivates clients when they are not able to comply fully.
  • Ted’s thoughts on ‘biohacking’?
  • Ted’s dreams for the future of nutrition.

I hope you have as much fun listening in as we did chatting.


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