Perimenopause Weight Gain & Fat Loss Explained

Menopause—the cessation of monthly hormone cycles, bleeding (menses), and egg releases (ovulation) that often occurs in a woman’s forties and fifties—is often met with dread.  The hormone changes during a woman’s transition into menopause (i.e., perimenopause) cause mood swings, changes in body temperature, unpredictable bleeding, energy fluctuations, and ever-feared weight gain.  Understanding and addressing menopausal … Read more

Congrats, Christine!  That’s How It’s Done!

At Optimising Nutrition, nothing excites us more than seeing our Optimisers progress and move towards their goals as they apply the minimum effective dose of tracking and data to guide their journey of Nutritional Optimisation.  Christine’s charts from her journey through our Data-Driven Fasting challenge and our Macros Masterclass and Micros Masterclass tell quite a … Read more

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Female Hormones | Karen Martel

Perhaps even more than weight loss, the transition women experience as they transition through middle age is one of the hottest topics in our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group.   Not only do blood sugars, cravings and insulin sensitivity change across the month, but the changes that occur during menopause can make maintaining a healthy weight and … Read more

Intermittent Fasting for Women | Cynthia Thurlow

2x TED speaker and host of the popular Everyday Wellness Podcast Cynthia Thurlow had just finished writing the manuscript for her new book Intermittent Fasting Transformation: The 45-Day Program for Women to Lose Stubborn Weight, Improve Hormonal Health, and Slow Aging.   In a world where more often equals better, Cynthia Thurlow delivered a ton of … Read more

Julia’s One Year of Data-Driven Fasting

Congratulations to Julia, who reached her goal after twelve months following Data-Driven Fasting and Optimising Nutrition.  Julia said: One year ago, I would have been thrilled to have lost 20 pounds this past year. Never would I have considered a 35-pound loss with a 22 BMI reasonable at 70 years old, but here I am. … Read more

“I cannot remain silent any longer! I am absolutely astounded by this process!”

Congrats to Jo, who saw some great results in our Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge in March, losing 9.5 lbs or 7.5% of her initial body weight.  Name loss (lbs) % change Eric 24.9 11.2% Tara 14.8 8.5% Claire 14.6 7.6% Jo 9.5 7.5% Sue 10.2 7.5% Kelly 15.4 7.0% Darnelle 11.4 6.6% Andrea 10.6 … Read more