Engineering Approach
To Nutrition

Hey! My name is Marty. I’m an engineer with a passion for nutrition who seeks things numerically.

My data-driven approach to nutrition has empowered me, my wife, and thousands of Optimisers to gain control over their health.

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There a bunch of people who have made jaw-dropping contributions to nutrition scene, but for me, my learning Marty is on top. I refer folks to Marty's work constantly.
Robb Wolf
2x New York Times bestselling author

Marty Kendall enjoys one of the highest vantage points in the entire nutritional landscape. Thanks to an open mind and a keen eye for seeing patterns in data, Marty has managed to entirely reverse engineer eating.

Ted Naiman, MD
Board-certified Family Medicine physician

I always pride myself in providing more value for FREE than other people charge for.
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