Nutrient Density Bootcamp & Challenge

Think your way of eating is the best?  Here’s your chance to prove it! We want to give you the opportunity to showcase your diet. During the Nutrient Optimiser Six Week Weight Loss Challenge it was exciting to see how health, vitality, satiety, and weight loss occur when people focused on micronutrients.   The average […]

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Real life responses to the Nutrient Optimiser

We just loved seeing the Nutrient Optimiser work as planned during the challenge!   At the risk of tooting our own horn, we collected some feedback that we’d love to share.   What next? If you’re interested in seeing what foods and meals Nutrient Optimiser would recommend for you we’d love you to check out […]

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Should you EAT Lancet?

EAT Lancet was released on 16 January 2019, claiming to be the ‘plant-based’ solution we’ve all been waiting for to save your health and the planet. However, on closer inspection, it seems to be largely a continuation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that will perpetuate unsustainable growth in the processed products of large scale […]

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Nutrient Density 101

Lots of people talk about nutrient density, but few know what it means or how to quantify it. We often define our diets in terms of vegan, keto, paleo, plant based, LCHF, pescitarian, carnivore or whatever, but rarely do we focus on ensuring that our food actually contains the nutrients we need to thrive and […]

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How to reverse type 2 diabetes

This article looks at the mechanisms of type 2 diabetes and gives you a road map to help you to maximise your chance of achieving optimal blood glucose control, fat loss and long-term metabolic health.

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The Nutrient Optimiser: It’s Alive!!!!

After many months of development, refinement and beta testing we’re excited to announce that the Nutrient Optimiser is now live! What is the Nutrient Optimiser? While the Optimising Nutrition blog contains a lot of details unpacking the latest in nutritional science, what most people want to know is what are the highest priority things they […]

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