Optimising Nutrition Macro Calculator


To calculate macros use this simple calculator.

  • enter your current weight (in kgs or lbs)
  • enter your current body fat (you can estimate using the photos below)
  • select your goal (e.g. lose weight, maintenance or gain muscle).
  • select your target deficit/surplus.
  • use the slider to select your net carbs (e.g. 50 g for low carb or if blood sugars are a concern).
  • use the protein slider to dial-up your protein target (while you can start at 0.8 g/kg LBM, we recommend 1.4 g/kg LBM as a minimum and 2.2 g/kg LBM if you are active or doing resistance training).

Enter your macros in Cronometer 

  • Once you have calculated your target starting macros you can enter them in Cronometer by clicking on the energy, protein, net carbs and fat bars and enter these as your daily target.  
  • Each week, review your progress by looking at the 7 day average under trends -> nutrition report in Cronometer to see how you are tracking against the targets.
  • Unless you are managing diabetes, your balance of fat and carbs won’t matter too much if you are meeting your protein target.   
  • If you are not losing or gaining weight you can modify your target energy intake by 50 calories for the coming week.

What should you eat?

If you’re wondering what to eat you can check out our free food lists here or our series of recipe books tailored to a wide range of goals and preferences.