Losing 20 kg (44 lbs) in 5 Months! | Sidi Riza

It’s been fascinating watching Sidi’s journey progress since initially taking part in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge and then hopping into the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.  Sidi has shed an incredible 20kg (44 lbs) in just five months.  She has also lost 15% body fat and reduced her waist to height ratio from 0.61 to a very … Read more

Finding Peace with Data | Chris Kawaja

Chris has a fascinating background.  After studying economics, business, and psychology at Stanford and Harvard, he worked as a trader for Ray Dalio at Bridgewater Capital, the world’s biggest hedge fund firm (now with $150b under management). He has since progressed as a private investor and become an author, father, athlete and biohacker.  Like me, … Read more

Metabolic Flexibility Deep Dive | Dr Clark Connery

Clark is a nutritionist, biohacker, and now medical doctor (and future endocrinologist).   After achieving great results in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, Clark has become a moderator in the Data-Driven Fasting Challenges, offering some fantastic insights, troubleshooting some of the more challenging scenarios and bringing some fantastic content to the live Q&A sessions.   We’ve also had … Read more

Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies on a Vegetarian Diet | Karen Lerner-Mayrand

We are all about optimising your nutrition, regardless of your food preferences.  Our mantra is your diet doesn’t need a name, just enough nutrients.  And Karen Lerner-Mayrand takes it to heart!  It was great to chat with Karen about how she dialled in her vegetarian diet to top the nutrient density leaderboard in our Nutritional … Read more

Stacking All The Nutrition “Hacks” | Abby Lukach

It was super inspiring to chat with Abby, who made some incredible progress over time with Data-Driven Fasting and our Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass. In this chat, we discuss:  What’s your WHY?    What other approaches had you tried in the past? How did your body fat change?  How much weight did you end up losing between … Read more

Optimising Nutrition With Food (Not Supps) | Lisa Angioli

When most people think of micronutrients, they think of expensive bottles of pills and potions that they usually forget to take.  But we are unashamedly on a #foodfirst mission to show people how to get the nutrients they need from the food they eat every day.   Again and again, we see amazing results when people … Read more

Intermittent Fasting 2.0 + Nutrient Density FTW! | Jane Getting

After struggling with her weight for decades, Jane topped the weight loss leaderboard in our January 30-Day Data-Driven Fasting Challenge with 17 lbs weight loss at a phenomenal rate of 2.5% per week!   She then followed up with the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass and dialled in her macronutrients and nutrient density.   She dropped a fantastic 22.6 … Read more

Solving the Puzzle of Nutrition | Kelley and Dan Buckley

It was such a blast to chat with Kelli and Dan Buckley about their recent journey with Data-Driven Fasting combined and the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass. After seeing her dad battle diabetes and eventually die of complications, Kelli had had a VERY strong WHY.   She just needed the HOW.  Although she had lost some weight with … Read more