Finding Peace with Data | Chris Kawaja

Chris has a fascinating background. 

After studying economics, business, and psychology at Stanford and Harvard, he worked as a trader for Ray Dalio at Bridgewater Capital, the world’s biggest hedge fund firm (now with $150b under management). He has since progressed as a private investor and become an author, father, athlete and biohacker. 

Like me, Chris believes in the numbers!  

Now, after achieving his goal weight with a couple of rounds of Data-Driven Fasting, he’s been trying to get his Silicon Valley biohacker buddies to use it to optimise their health.  

As a data-driven engineer who’s dabbled in trading, I thought it would be fun to chat with Chris about how we can manage our psychology and biology with data. How can we tame our lizard brain to avoid self-sabotage in various aspects of our lives, like nutrition caused by self-doubt?  

It was fascinating to hear how Data-Driven Fasting helped his brain find peace and calm around food and nutrition. Having faith that your body will get nutrient-dense food exactly when it needs it is a nice change from the anxiety that popular extended fasting methods often cause.  


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