Metabolic Flexibility Deep Dive | Dr Clark Connery

Clark is a nutritionist, biohacker, and now medical doctor (and future endocrinologist).  

After achieving great results in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, Clark has become a moderator in the Data-Driven Fasting Challenges, offering some fantastic insights, troubleshooting some of the more challenging scenarios and bringing some fantastic content to the live Q&A sessions.  

We’ve also had some lengthy, nerdy chats over the past few months, and I’ve enjoyed the conversation, friendship and insights.  So I thought it would be fun to have him on the podcast to answer some frequently asked questions that we see in the challenges:

  • How does exercise affect blood sugars?
  • What are the pros and cons of CGMs?  How do you avoid the pitfalls of too much data and paralysis by analysis?
  • What is metabolic flexibility, and how do you achieve it?  
  • What is the best exercise for managing blood sugars and fat loss?  
  • How do you avoid slowing your metabolism during fasting (or any weight loss)?
  • How is weight loss different for people who are highly insulin sensitive?


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