Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies on a Vegetarian Diet | Karen Lerner-Mayrand

We are all about optimising your nutrition, regardless of your food preferences.  Our mantra is your diet doesn’t need a name, just enough nutrients.  And Karen Lerner-Mayrand takes it to heart! 

It was great to chat with Karen about how she dialled in her vegetarian diet to top the nutrient density leaderboard in our Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass not once but twice.

After trying different diets for decades and fasting for weeks on end, under the guidance of the biggest names in fasting, everything fell into place once Karen focused on giving her body the nutrients it needed! 

These are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why do you follow a vegetarian diet? 
  • Why did you want to solve the puzzle of nutrition?
  • What did you find the hardest? 
  • What surprised you the most?
  • What did you learn from Data-Driven Fasting vs. the Masterclass?
  • What foods do you eat less of now?
  • What do you eat more of now? 
  • What are your primary protein sources? 
  • Do you use supplements on your vegetarian diet? 
  • How do you feel now? 
  • What excited you most about the process of nutritional optimisation? 
  • Where would you recommend someone start without becoming overwhelmed?

You can also learn more about Karen’s journey and check out some of her nutrient-dense vegetarian recipes here.


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