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Nutrient-dense foods on a budget… optimised for YOUR goal

With both a viral pandemic and an international financial crisis unfolding, identifying nutrient-dense foods to support healthy immune function with limited funds is a hot topic.   While we received lots of interest and positive feedback on our recent article looking at cost-effective nutrient-dense foods, several people asked, “what about keto/low carb?”, “what about fat loss?”, […]

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How to optimise your insulin

There are many misconceptions and incorrect beliefs about the role of insulin in your body and how to optimise it.   Many believe that the best way to reduce insulin is to simply avoid carbohydrates and even protein (which tend to raise insulin levels the most over the short term). While your insulin levels do increase […]

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Nutrient Density on a Budget

A friend recently commented that many of the most nutritious foods are unaffordable for a lot of the people who need them the most to optimise their health and support healthy immune function.   Sadly, mainstream nutritional advice largely focuses on what we shouldn’t eat.  For example, the “nutrition advice” for COVID-19 given by the World […]

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What is Nutritional Optimisation?

Nutritional Optimisation is the process of optimising your food choices to align with your goals and by giving your body what it needs. Unfortunately, most “nutritional advice” revolves around avoiding “bad foods” and other “bad things” in the food we eat (e.g. calories, fat, saturated fat, carbs, cholesterol, plants, animal, etc.).   Even in the […]

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