How to Use Your Blood Glucose Meter as a Fuel Gauge for Weight Loss | Lori Leeke

Lori is one of the primary reasons that I created DDF.  

One of the first articles I wrote on Optimising Nutrition five years ago detailed how to use your glucose as a fuel gauge to optimise your fasting routine.  Lori found this a couple of years ago and put it into practice.  

Over the past few years, Lori kept contacting me to tell me how well it had worked for her.  I had had it in my mind to go back and develop the concept more.  Lori’s story and encouragement motivated me to develop DDF into a complete system to dial in your feasting and fasting routine.

While listening to Lori’s podcast with Gin Stephens, I had a lot more questions.  So, I thought it would be great to chat with her about her journey a little more and to share her wisdom from doing this for two years.

We got to chat about:

  • How did you get started using your glucose as a fuel gauge?
  • What was your motivation to try this approach to weight loss and metabolic health?
  • Why is/was it important for you to be/stay trim and healthy?
  • What approaches did you try that didn’t work so well?
  • What did you find that worked well for you?
  • Why does simply focusing on limiting calories not work for most people?
  • You’re a big fan of Trim Healthy Mumma.  How are they different?  Why do they advise that is it important not to mix fat and carbs in a meal?
  • Lots of people are talking about carb cycling or metabolic flexibility.  What are the benefits of incorporating carbs?  
  • Who do you think alternating between carbs vs fat for energy doesn’t work well for?  Many people would struggle to think in terms of low fat vs low carb meals and switch between them.  
  • What sort of meals do you enjoy for a low fat vs low carb meal?
  • Why is it important not to be locked into one dietary dogma?
  • You spend a lot of time sharing what has worked for you.  Why are you so passionate about this?
  • Who do you think DDF would be most beneficial for?  

Thanks again, Lori, for your support, encouragement and inspiration, leading the way for thousands of others to take up Data-Driven Fasting.  


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