“I cannot remain silent any longer! I am absolutely astounded by this process!”

Congrats to Jo, who saw some great results in our Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge in March, losing 9.5 lbs or 7.5% of her initial body weight. 

Nameloss (lbs)% change

At the end of the challenge, Jo said:

I cannot remain silent any longer!  I am absolutely astounded by this process. 

I didn’t think it would work for ME for various reasons – I didn’t have too much to lose, and the last bit is always the hardest, right? 

And on top of that, being post-menopausal, weight loss was elusive.  My numbers were all okay (weight, body fat, blood sugar, BMI, waist to height etc.), but I just wasn’t comfortable in my skin any more.  My weight and body fat had crept up slowly over the last six years.  No matter what I tried, I couldn’t shake it. 

I’ve always tried to be as healthy as I could be within reason (I do have a sweet tooth).  I’ve been low carb for many years, but keto did me no favours, and I loved fatty things, to begin with without keto’s permission to indulge more!  The fattier the meat, the better, nuts, nut butters, cream, butter on my veg etc. 

But I kept at it, convinced that it would eventually start working for me.  I tried carnivore.  Then OMAD.  Then carnivore and OMAD.  Always clean fasting.  But at best, I was maintaining a weight I was uncomfortable at. 

I am 54 next month and had resigned myself to the fact that it was hormonal and out of my hands.  But I was still trying so hard.  Food was my focus, and I like to eat a lot, and I white-knuckled it to every OMAD. 

Then I listened to Lori Tilden Leeke on Gin Stevens podcast and started reading and thought it worth a shot.  March was my first challenge, and I jumped right in and gave it my all. 

There is so much to absorb, but I quickly understood, to my horror, that I must cut back on fat.  My heart sank at the thought of dry chicken breasts and fish!  But then I realised that I could eat a lot of protein!  Protein to the rescue! 

I have mostly settled into a good routine of 2MAD, and I am full and happy!  And the best part is that the scale has become my best friend!  Every morning I think that my happy bubble will pop when I get on the scale and am rewarded with numbers that I haven’t seen in years!

So thank you, Marty Kendall and Alex Zotov and Lori Tilden Leeke and all the moderators.  I am thrilled to have found this ‘simple’ thing that really works! 

I am starting to wear clothes that haven’t fitted in years!  And at last, I am comfortable in my skin! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Thank you so much for the kind words. We’re so glad you finally found the success you were hoping for with Data-Driven Fasting.   We wish you continued “happy bubbles”! 

Because you took the time to share, someone else in need of DDF, may reason, “If it worked for her…” and find the hope to try a challenge and reap their rewards. 

That’s what “paying it forward” really means.


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2 thoughts on ““I cannot remain silent any longer! I am absolutely astounded by this process!””

  1. Marty–how many of your success stories are first-time weight losers, and how many are repeat weight losers? I’ve done keto and lost 60 lbs., kept it off for about 1 1/2 years, and have regained half of it during the pandemic. No matter what I do, this regained weight WILL NOT COME OFF–I’ve gone back to keto, I’ve cut my fat, I’ve fasted, did OMAD, I increased my exercise, I tried eating with the seasons (from a past blog post of yours), I focused on protein and ate more nutritionally dense foods, but nothing works.

    I’d like to see stories of people who lost, then regained, then re-lost the weight. Got any of those?

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