Data-Driven Fasting Challenge Triumphs: November 2023 Edition

Who would have guessed that the secret to new and effective dietary habits lies in the insights from your blood glucose?

This is a journey where the mysteries of “WHAT and WHEN to eat” evolve into a tale of remarkable weight loss, decreased body fat, and enhanced blood sugar control.

During the 27th edition of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, 455 Optimiers embarked on a transformative expedition.

This group of fresh faces and experienced members came together to pursue improved health, bolstered by a rich exchange of collective knowledge.

What Is Data-Driven Fasting? 

Data-Driven Fasting isn’t really fasting as most people think of it, with days of self-deprivation. 

Instead, it’s about finding a balance between your hunger and glucose levels, giving you assurance that food will be available when required.

In the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, the DDF app guides Optimisers to use their blood glucose as a personalised metabolic fuel gauge.  It offers precise guidance on:

  • WHEN to eat and
  • WHAT to eat.

A remarkable transformation occurs as you patiently wait until your blood glucose levels dip below your personalised glucose trigger.  Your body switches from using glucose as its primary fuel to tapping into your stored fat reserves.

Optimisers gradually learn to decode their true hunger signals while watching the extra pounds melt away.  It’s an amazing change that leaves them satisfied with their meals and delighted with the remarkable weight loss they achieve!

Weight Loss Results

We saw amazing weight loss results in just four short weeks! 

Special congratulations to Laura, who achieved a 19 lb (8.6 kg) weight loss in the four weeks of the challenge, which brings her to a total of 47 lb (21 kg) lost since she started her first Data-Driven Fasting Challenge in April 2023!

Premeal Blood Glucose

While most people worry about their glucose after eating or try to hack a flatline glucose trace on their continuous glucose monitor, the blood glucose before you eat is the metric you should follow instead. 

Managing your glucose before you eat is key for weight loss.  Waiting until your glucose level dips just a tad below your personalised glucose trigger progressively opens the floodgates to your stored glucose and fat reserves.  This incremental, data-driven strategy will allow you to shed excess pounds.

You don’t need to see your premeal glucose drop a lot during the challenge to make progress, especially if your glucose is already fairly healthy.  However, many Optimisers experienced a massive plunge in their pre-meal glucose levels when they started to pay attention to their body’s fuel levels and stopped overfeeding themselves.

Waking Glucose

As Optimisers master their blood glucose before meals, it’s like witnessing puzzle pieces click into place.  Not only does their weight find its rightful balance, but their waist-to-height ratios, post-meal glucose levels, and even those fasting (waking) glucose numbers all move towards optimal.  

In a world where Type-2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome are familiar foes, this transformation of fasting glucose gives a beacon of hope that one does not have to accept illness and early death.  People can instead achieve restored insulin sensitivity and overall metabolic health.

As you can see in the chart below from our recent analysis, your fasting glucose closely aligns with your waist:height ratio, weight and overall metabolic health. 

Post-Meal Glucose

Once we drain the excess energy in our bodies, the glucose levels after eating also fall into a healthy range.   

Fasting success and insights from the November 2023 Data-Driven Challenge.

Congrats again to our Optimisers on their amazing results in the 27th round of the Data Driven-Fasting Challenge

Next Steps

To learn more about changing your blood glucose, weight, and life, check out our free DDF101 course, where you can access the DDF app. 

The best option is to join the next round of the Data Driven-Fasting Challenge here.  You’ll get a guided step-by-step program with weekly Live Q&As, personalised feedback, and support and assistance from other Optimisers on the journey.