Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – June 2022 Results

We wanted to celebrate the amazing results from the participants in our 15th Data-Driven Fasting Challenge (11 June to 10 July 2022).  As you will see, Data-Driven Fasting continues to deliver results as people train their hunger using their blood glucose to guide WHEN and WHAT they eat. Weight Loss We saw some phenomenal weight … Read more

Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – April 2022 Results

We wanted to give another round of applause to the participants in our 14th Data-Driven Fasting Challenge!  As you will see, Data-Driven Fasting continues to deliver consistent short and long-term results as people recalibrate their hunger signals using their glucose to guide both when and what they eat. Progress Photos We prefer to guide people … Read more

Results of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – January 2022

We love to celebrate outstanding success!  Check out the results from the 12th round of our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge.  We had 1,223 challengers join this round, which ran from 22 January to 20 February 2022.  It was our first round using our new community space in Mighty Networks.  It’s perfect for running courses like ours … Read more