Potassium Caramel Salted Coffee

Salted caramel coffee is all the rage!  The bitterness from the salt and the coffee offset the sweet from the caramel.   But beyond the taste, adding salt to your coffee is also smart because coffee increases your need for salt by about half a gram of sodium per cup. However, while most people are getting … Read more

Crispy-Skinned Salmon on Sautéed Veggies

This salmon and veggies recipe packs a hefty, nutrient-dense punch without falling short on flavour.  Salmon is featured in many of our most nutrient-dense recipes. This is no surprise, considering it provides ample omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, choline, and the complete profile of essential amino acids. Asparagus, spinach, and mushrooms punch up … Read more

Eggs in a Veggie Nest with Ham

This recipe contains a blend of plant and animal-based foods to maximise the micronutrient profile, demonstrating that nutrient-dense meals look and taste amazing!  This meal provides the nutrients you need to thrive and prevent cravings. The spinach, chard, asparagus and mushrooms give a solid dose of potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, vitamin A and vitamin K1. … Read more

Blood sugar and fat loss recipes

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand.  Many people trying to manage their blood sugars would also like to lose a bit of extra weight.   This collection of nutrient-dense recipes has been created to help you gain control of your weight and blood sugars.  They are ideal for someone who has prediabetes or someone … Read more

How to Stay Lean Year Round with Ivan Gavranic

I recently came across a couple of interviews with Ivan Gavranic, who managed to get ripped and stay lean year round! Not many people see less than 5.9% on a DEXA scan, let alone be able to maintain weight loss! While this is probably not something you want to try to achieve, I thought it … Read more

Do We Need Meat in Our Diet?

Nutrition can be confusing.  The fact that there is so much passionate disagreement over what constitutes an ‘optimal human diet’ suggests that we still have a lot to learn.    One of the earliest Biblical conflicts and the first murder involved revolved around whether an animal vs grain sacrifice was more appropriate (i.e. Cain vs Abel).   … Read more