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Whey protein & coconut water

This is a simple high satiety snack to boost your protein intake.  While whole foods are ideal, protein powder is a great way to boost your protein intake.   The protein powder provides a boost of cheap bioavailable protein while the coconut water provides minerals and some sweetness to round out the taste.   One scoop of […]

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Protein Packed Quinoa Porridge

While it’s important to start your day with a solid dose of protein to keep you satiated, it can be harder to obtain protein on a plant-based diet without excess calories.  This breakfast bowl solves the problem by combining quinoa with your favourite vegan protein powder for a tasty vegan, gluten-free meal that will keep […]

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Berry protein fluff

Protein fluff is a satiety hack used by bodybuilders to get some protein and help them feel full without too many calories.    The frozen blueberries with the protein powder swell to provide a high volume low energy density snack that is surprisingly filling with not a lot of calories.    You can add some sweetener if […]

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Ketogains protein gelatin fudge

This high protein dessert is from Ketogains’ Luis Villasenor who says: “Forget about fat bombs!  Why add fat when you have more than enough fat on your butt/love handles?  On the contrary, focus on protein!” This high satiety recipe does well in the ranking for aggressive weight loss. Ingredients  Almond milk 2g Himalayan salt 2 […]

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Protein power scrambled eggs

This is high satiety super nutritious scrambled egg recipe that will keep you feeling full with minimal calories.  The eggs provide heaps of highly bioavailable protein along with selenium and B2.  The sausage provides zinc, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B3, B5 and B6. The tomato and peppers will boost your potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A […]

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Protein stacked scrambled eggs

This high satiety super-nutritious scrambled egg recipe will keep you feeling full with minimal calories.   The egg whites provide heaps of highly bioavailable protein along with selenium and B2 while keeping calories low and your protein to energy ratio high.   The sausage provides zinc, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B3, B5 and B6.  The tomato and peppers […]

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Ketogains protein pudding

Ketogains’ Luis Villasenor created this recipe during a Protein Sparing Modified Fast cutting phase.   This concoction packs 33g of protein and 16g of fibre in only 300 calories while also providing plenty of Vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate and calcium.  The Lite Salt ensures that you get more than half your daily […]

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Cottage cheese and spinach protein sludge

This is another high protein, high satiety, nutrient-dense creation from Ketogains’ Luis Villasenor uses in a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) cutting phase.   The spinach provides plenty of vitamins and minerals while the protein powder and low fat cottage cheese provide a 58g hit of protein in a ‘meal’ of less than 400 calories.   Something […]

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Will Tim Ferriss’ 30g protein breakfast help you lose weight? 

You’ve probably heard that dietary adage about getting 30g of protein at breakfast to help manage your appetite.  Tim Ferriss popularized in his Four Hour Body and recently reiterated in this video. But does more protein at breakfast actually help you manage your hunger and keep you satisfied? 30g protein breakfast data analysis To understand whether protein […]

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