Laurie Maximised Her Nutrient Density and Reached Her Goal Weight in the Process!

This is Laurie in her size 12 “skinny jeans”.  

After two rounds of the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass, she went from size 18 and now needs to buy some new size 10 jeans, but hasn’t had time to go shopping yet.  Laurie has had quite the transformation!  

Through two consecutive Masterclasses, she lost 25.4 lbs (11.5 kg) of weight.

In the first Masterclass, Laurie had a voracious appetite for understanding how her macros affected her weight loss and especially lean muscle.  

Laurie said, “Before the Masterclass, started on a ketogenic diet.  However, after about 3 months and only 10 pounds of weight loss and my weight loss was starting to stall.  I realised I could not sustain that style of eating for a lifetime.  I knew that it was not a long term solution.  It didn’t seem like a long term solution and began to look for a more permanent solution. 

She came to the Masterclass eating a vegetarian diet, but after a few weeks she noticed she was losing more lean mass than she was comfortable with, Laurie decided to start adding in some seafood to increase the bioavailable protein and things started to really fall into place.  She found her sweet spot was about 40% protein and 2.0 g/kg LBM.  

She also participated in our first Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge to understand her hunger signals and when she really needed to eat and when she could wait.  Not only did satiety start to kick, but the fat loss also followed.  Laurie lost 18 lb (8.4 kg) of body fat!

In her second masterclass, she continued to power on and focussed more on nutrient density, chasing the harder to find micronutrients in her diet.  With some inspiration from our Nutrient Dense Recipe Books, she started planning her meals in advance to make sure she nailed her nutrients.  

And lo and behold, she topped the nutrient density leaderboard!  Congrats Laurie! 

nameONI score
Camila 94.9
Lauretta 94.9

Her winning micronutrient fingerprint chart for the final week of the masterclass is shown below.  

Not only does her nutrient fingerprint chart look great, but her simple meals also look vibrant and full of life as well!  

Congratulations Laurie! 

NutriBooster Recipe Books 

If you want to start your nutritional journey with simple meals that provide more of the nutrients you need, you can check out our series of NutriBooster recipe books.  We have worked hard to make Nutritional Optimisation as easy as possible to implement in your kitchen.

The table below lists our most popular recipe books tailored for a range of goals, from aggressive fat loss to bulking, diabetes management and everything in between.

  • The ‘metrics’ column details the blood sugar and waist:height ratio (W:H) that aligns with each goal.  
    • People who are overfat (with a waist:height ratio of greater than 0.5) require NutriBoosters with greater satiety to empower them to eat less without excessive hunger.
    • People whose blood glucose rises more than 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/L require meals with a lower insulin load to help them stabilise their blood sugars.  This also helps normalise appetite and hunger by avoiding blood sugar crashes.    
  • You can click on the name of the book in the left-hand column to access more details for that specific book or click on the ‘DRI’ and ‘ONI’ in the right-hand column to see the nutrient fingerprint of that recipe book (i.e. micronutrients and macronutrients).
  • We have also set up sample recipe books that you can download to see what nutrient-dense meals look like tailored to your specific goal.  We’d love you to try a few of these recipes to see the difference they can make.  
Name GoalMetrics SampleDRIONI
Fat loss Fat loss with greater satiety and less hunger and cravings due to nutrient deficiencies and adequate protein to prevent muscle loss. W:H > 0.5sampleDRIONI
Maximum nutrient densityMaximum nutrients per calorie.NAsampleDRIONI
High protein:energyHigh protein:energy ratio for aggressive fat loss (i.e. PSMF or high P:E).W:H > 0.5sampleDRIONI
Blood sugar & fat lossDesigned for anyone with elevated blood sugars and body fat to lose. W:H > 0.5 BG rise after meals > 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/LsampleDRIONI
Low carb & blood sugar Designed for stable blood sugars and weight maintenance on a nutritious low-carb diet.  Ideal for someone with diabetes or anyone who enjoys a low-carb way of eating.W:H < 0.5BG rise after meals > 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/LsampleDRIONI
Maintenance Designed to help you maintain your body weight providing plenty of nutrients to live a healthy and energised life.  W:H < 0.5sampleDRIONI
BodybuildersGain muscle without excess body fat.W:H < 0.5sampleDRIONI
Athletes & bulkingDesigned to support activity or growth with an eye on nutrient density. W:H < 0.5sampleDRIONI