Congratulations to our Optimisers on Your Spectacular Results!

Congratulations to all of the fantastic Optimisers who participated in our last Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass!

A record 532 Optimisers walked away as winners after learning how to dial in their macronutrients and micronutrients over six weeks.  We wanted to say a big congrats and share some of their phenomenal results! 

Improvement in Diet Quality Score

We were thrilled to see so many people improving their Optimal Nutrient Intake Score –this is where the magic happens!   Congratulations to all the Optimisers who made such a massive improvement in their diet quality in just six weeks!  We get the biggest thrill from seeing the newbies follow the numbers to optimise their food choices and improve their nutrient density

nameweek 1week 6change
Jill Alexander366932
Katie Gaul669529
Melissa Saunders427028
Mary Ellen Miller689427
Amelia Passmore578326
Annette Moyers719726
Mark Stopps396526
Amy Hiebert406525
Alicia Fitts305424
Louise Duncan547622

Optimising health and well-being starts with WHAT you eat.  Your body needs enough of all the essential nutrients without excess energy.  We quantify this in terms of nutrient density

There is plenty of confusion regarding whether macronutrients like carbs, fats, or proteins are “good” or “bad.” But Instead of focusing on what not to eat, we always find everything falls into place when people focus on getting the nutrients they need from food. 

Not everyone needs to reach an Optimal Nutrient Intake (ONI) Score of 100%.  The chart below shows four years of data from the 125,761 days of food logs entered by 32,192 people who have used Nutrient Optimiser.  Only 4% of people are able to get a score above 90%!

The good news, though, is that everyone makes progress when they make incremental improvements by increasing the intake of foods and meals that provide more of the nutrients they are currently not getting enough of.  Then, as they stretch towards optimal a little more, satiety kicks in, and they lose weight with less hunger.  Optimisers who achieve a higher Diet Quality Score consume 40% fewer calories. 

Weight Loss 

Check out these fantastic weight loss results in just six weeks!

Mary Lou Cochrane163147169.82%
Lydia Kern188176126.41%
Heidi Carol Schultz14513696.21%
Sherri Burdick230217135.64%
Annette Moyers17416595.12%
Cyleste McKeon15314585.12%
Cindy Dowdle12612065.10%
Carol Dent16415584.97%
Ginny Hamel14013464.61%
Mark Stopps277265124.48%
Valinda Arnett-Patton15614974.44%
Margie Manthei16916374.05%

Changes in Waistline

Your waist-to-height ratio is perhaps the most powerful marker of metabolic health!  Our Optimisers also saw some dramatic changes in their waist measurements. 

namestartendchange% change
Cyleste McKeon29262.89.9%
Sherri Burdick42392.76.4%
Mark Stopps54512.95.4%
Mary Lou Cochrane38362.05.3%
Amy Hilbert48462.34.8%
Jill Alexander33321.54.5%
Joga Rao34321.54.5%
Lee Jacobson36341.54.2%
Denise Frontczak30291.34.2%
Cindy Dowdle30291.23.9%

Changes in Blood Glucose

Your blood glucose is another excellent measure of your metabolic health. 

While we don’t focus on blood glucose in the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass as much as in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenges.  However, people still tend to see significant improvements in their blood glucose during the Masterclass. 

Alicia Fitts2271329542%
Deb Cleveland106891716%
Annette Moyers111961513%
Lydia Kern1121001211%
Denise Frontczak93831010%
Carla Grossetti110991110%
Jan Olof Andreaheim898189%
Nohemy Revilla1009199%
Carol Fahy1009199%
Margie Manthei958967%

Fat Loss

Your body doesn’t care about your dietary beliefs or preferences; it just needs enough nutrients.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that the body is happy to release the fat it is preemptively storing for emergency use with an adequate supply of protein and other essential nutrients. 

A crappy environment of processed foods, low in essential micronutrients signals a famine, so the body goes into fat storage mode.  But once your body understands that it is safe and plenty of good food is available, it also realises it no longer requires all that excess body fat. 

Mary Lou Cochrane37334.211.3%
Lydia Kern32292.99.1%
Lauren Lake20181.68.2%
Tammy von Keisenberg40373.28.0%
Darin Denman17161.47.7%
Tracie Bertram42393.07.3%
Mark Stopps43403.17.3%
Yvonne Carl46432.86.0%
Ginny Hammel29281.75.8%
Cyleste McKeon34321.95.6%

Maximum Diet Quality

Finally, we come to the Diet Quality Score, which is our measurement of nutrient density.  Remember, only 4% of people manage to get above 90 and these amazing results generally happen towards the end of the masterclass.   

NameDiet Quality (%)
Lisa Angioli100.0
Karen Lerner-Mayrand100.0
Michael Ilett99.8
Oddný Gísladóttir99.5
Rosemary Maisonpierre97.7
Ginny Hammel97.1
Marjorie Fong96.6
Annette Moyers96.5
Caitlin Ivory96.2
Katie Gaul95.5
Holly Edwards95.2
Mary Ellen Miller94.4

The End of an Era and a New Beginning…   

Finally, some exciting news!  After three years and thousands of people doing our Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass, it’s time for something new. 

To make it even simpler for more people to optimise their nutrition, we’ve broken the Masterclass into two separate courses in 2022:

You can see our full events schedule in our new course platform here

We’d love you to join us to take your nutrition to the next level!