Congratulations to the 6 Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass (May 2020) Graduates!

Congratulations to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass graduates who achieved some AMAZING results in only six weeks in terms of:

  • weight loss, 
  • fat loss, 
  • muscle gain, and 
  • Improvements in nutrient density!  

We’re so proud of what you’ve accomplished and wanted to share some highlights.  


Meet Jeff who managed to lose a fantastic 6.7 kg (or 15 lbs) during the six-week masterclass at a rate of 1.3 % per week!  

He also lost 3.7 kg of body fat and looks and feels great!  

He was pretty chuffed with his results.  After the masterclass he said:

I need to let you know how much of a success this masterclass has been. 

I have been a “health nut” and avid exerciser for at least 20 years. Never been able to dial in a truly optimal diet. 

Vegan for 5 yrs. All healthy food. Tons of brown rice, fruit, vegetables, pasta. Result – lots of energy but 10kg of BF I could never lose, and hypertension. 

About 6 yrs ago, paleo low carb and into keto. Lost all of the excess weight. Looked great. No more hypertension. Macros are about 5% carbs (20g) 15% protein (about 60-80g) and a ton of fat (I ate butter by the spoonful). 

But despite the great metrics, I felt like crap with agonising fatigue and gut irritability galore. Year after year I never gave up.  I thought keto had to be right given the excellent metrics. But I never felt good. 

I would last 2-4 weeks and then have a binge day that would kill most people (about 10,000 calories of junk food). Funny thing is, this would sustain me for a few days as I went back to keto, but the terrible fatigue would return with a vengeance. 

What your program has done Marty (together with Ted Naiman’s principles) has resulted in the best I have ever looked and felt!!! I feel fantastic. I wanted to say the biggest thank you. 

You have enabled me to get to the point I always thought was theoretically possible, but somehow could never reach.


Meet Sue.  

Motivated by her struggle with obesity and multiple sclerosis, Sue has been using Nutrient Optimiser for more than a year and has and participated in a couple of our masterclasses.  

In our January Masterclass Sue lost an impressive 5 kg (10.5 lbs) and 6% of her body fat.

Once again, Sue saw some amazing results in her second round of the masterclass, dropping 3.6 kg or 6.6% of her starting body weight during the masterclass.  

She now looks like a different person!!!  She is also feeling great and free of the MS symptoms that used to plague her and rob her of her quality of life.  


Next, we have Jeff’s wife Kate who lost 5.8 kg (or 13 lbs) in the six weeks!  

Together, they are building new habits for a positive future!


After losing 8.1 kg in our January Masterclass, it seemed Tammy ‘s body decided it wanted to lose fat and build lean muscle mass during her second masterclass, with a terrific 2.8% per week rate of fat loss.  

She also gained some lean muscle mass and put on 1.6 kg (or 3.5 lbs) of lean mass even while losing 3.6 kg during the six weeks!   

Nutrient density 

But the secret sauce of the masterclass is not simply macros or restricting calories.  The focus on nutrient density and satiety that leads to a sustainable optimisation of body composition.  Improving nutrient density enables us to get more of the nutrients we need with fewer calories.  

Once we find new foods and meals that we enjoy and provide higher nutrient density and satiety, we can achieve sustainable weight loss and improved energy levels with fewer cravings.  

The nutrient fingerprint chart below is from 36-year-old Camilla Caton, who topped the nutrient density leaderboard (again) with an impressive Optimal Nutrient Intake score of 97.0% (up from 95.3% in the last masterclass).  

The Optimal Nutrition Score is essentially the area to the left of the 100% line in the fingerprint chats.  

As participants track their food they receive updated recommended food and meals that align with their goals that also provide more of the nutrients that they are finding hard to get in their diet.  

Rather than focusing on restricting calories and deprivation, we love seeing participants ‘get it’ as their focus turns to nourishing their body with the nutrients it needs more of.  

After this masterclass she had some fun playing with her old wedding dress (that’s a barbell, not a lightsaber on the right).

After losing 72 kg Camilla is powering on with her powerlifting training and used the Smart Macros to dial in her macros to support lean muscle growth.    

What is the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass anyway?

The Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass is a six-week intensive course that steps you through the process of optimising both your macro and micronutrients, in theory, and practice. 

The goal of the masterclass is to give optimisers (i.e. participants in the masterclass) the knowledge and support to find the foods and meals they enjoy and will enable them to continue to move towards their goal through the six weeks and beyond.

  • In week 1, optimisers established their baseline to understand their macro and micronutrient intake.   
  • In week 2, optimisers worked to ensure they were getting adequate protein (which aligns closely with satiety and nutrient density).   
  • In week 3, optimisers found their carbohydrate tolerance using their blood sugars as a guide.   
  • In week 4, optimisers dialled in their fat intake to ensure they were moving towards their goals.   
  • In week 5, optimisers started to focus on refining their food choices to ensure they were achieving the minimum nutrient intake levels to prevent diseases of deficiency.
  • Finally, in week 6, optimisers levelled up to move towards the optimal nutrient intakes to ensure they were getting all the essential nutrients they required without excessive calories.  

To help them on their journey, optimisers received:

  • A 100-page Masterclass Nutritional Optimisation Manual
  • An electronic Masterclass Workbook to record progress and self-reflections, 
  • A Smart Macros Spreadsheet which provides personalised guidance based on changes in body weight, body fat and blood sugars each week, 
  • Access to the Nutrient Optimiser Platform which gave them personalised food recommendations that aligned with their goals, symptoms, conditions and prioritised the nutrients that they were finding harder to obtain from their diet, and 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where they could ask questions and tune into weekly interactive Facebook Lives.  

The masterclass content was drip-fed with daily emails and Facebook posts which stepped Optimisers through the program in bite-sized chunks.  

Want to be part of the next masterclass?  

You can join in the next Six Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass which will be commencing Saturday 6 June 2020.    

Make sure you sign up here ASAP before spaces run out!  We can’t wait to see what will happen on your journey towards nutritional optimisation!