Congratulations to our Masterclass Optimisers on Your Spectacular Results!

Congrats to all the amazing Optimisers who participated in our May Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.  

A record 512 members walked away winners after dialling in their macronutrients and micronutrients over six weeks.  

We wanted to say a big congrats and share some of their phenomenal results.  

Improvement in Nutrient Density

It all starts with optimising WHAT you eat.  

Your body needs enough of all the essential nutrients without excess energy.  

We quantify this in terms of nutrient density.  

If you already have plenty of stored fuel onboard (as body fat and elevated blood glucose), then all you need is nutrients from your food.  

There is plenty of confusion regarding macronutrients and whether carbs, fats, or proteins are “good” or “bad.” But everything falls into place when people focus on getting the nutrients they need from the food they eat.  

This time around, we wanted to focus even more on helping the newbies dial in their nutrients, and we were thrilled to see so many people improving their Optimal Nutrient Intake Score.   This is where the magic happens!   Congrats to the amazing Optimisers who made such a massive improvement in their diet quality over six weeks.  

Paige Williamson388042
Patricia Bearcroft397738
James Graham438037
Michael Ilett629936
Leslie Romine619736
Kathryn Elsmore558631
Lakshmi Subramanian558631
Ginny Hammel659529
Karen DiPeppe7210028
Pam McGee689527
Denise Frontczak416726
Alese Morgan537826
Carey Haas527623
Ingrid Leese7810022
Ksenia Tsahhirov608021

Not everyone needs to reach an Optimal Nutrient Intake Score of 100%.  If you reach 100%, it’s hard to stay there for the long term.  But EVERYONE makes progress when they make incremental improvements by chasing the foods and meals that provide more of the nutrients they are currently not getting enough of.  

Weight loss  

As Optimisers dial in their macronutrients and micronutrients, satiety kicks in, and weight loss follows.  Check out these fantastic results (in just six weeks)! 

Janette Clowes15213912.88.4%
Naomi Lamont13712610.98.0%
Karen Mayrand15414311.17.2%
Deborah Deitz1441349.76.8%
Ginny Hamel15914810.46.6%
Chris Aitken21219813.76.5%
Jennifer Harris17015911.06.5%
Betsy Dougherty16015010.36.4%
Alese Morgan16215110.46.4%
Michael Ilett20218912.36.1%
Carol Dent18217110.45.7%
Oddný Ösp Gísladóttir1631549.05.5%
Sue Cunningham1171116.55.5%
Sophie LeCavalier1401337.75.5%
Tamsin Reeve1751669.65.5%
Nicky Harris1751668.85.0%
Annette Moyers1791708.74.9%
Steve Easter1801727.84.3%

Change in waist 

Your waist to height ratio is perhaps the most powerful marker of metabolic health!  Our Optimisers also saw some dramatic changes in their waist measurement.  

Chris Westenskow40364.010%
Naomi Lamont32283.310%
Janette Clowes32293.310%
Carol Dent36333.08%
Jerry Ostgard45423.07%
Pam McGee33303.09%
Betsy Dougherty31282.79%
Karen DiPeppe34312.57%
Karen Mayrand343211.37%
Nicky Harris32302.47%
Vicky Hayes33312.06%
Audrey Roberts36342.06%
Oddný Ösp Gísladóttir31301.86%
Chris Aitken40381.84%
Linda Fishbeck38361.54%

Change in blood glucose 

Your blood glucose is another excellent measure of your metabolic health.  

Once you ensure you are getting adequate protein, it is wise to dial back carbs to the point you achieve healthy blood sugar variability (i.e. a rise of no more than 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/L after meals.  

We don’t focus on blood glucose in the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass as we do in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenges.  However, people still tend to see some significant improvements in their blood glucose over the duration of the six-week class.  

Janette Clowes1158530.026%
Alese Morgan1119318.016%
Michael Ilett1169916.815%
Natalie Houston13011316.713%
Vicky Hayes1079611.010%
Linda Fishbeck99909.510%
Janette Luparia101929.09%
Arleen Fotiu1091009.08%
Dhurga Katherval1131049.08%
Pam McGee1111038.88%

Fat loss

Your body doesn’t care about your dietary beliefs or preferences; it just needs enough nutrients. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that, with adequate protein (as well as all the other essential nutrients), the body is happy to release the fat it is preemptively storing for emergency use.  A crappy environment of processed foods signals a famine, with a lack of good food, so it needs to go into storage mode.  

Jack Ryan28252.910.1%
Karen Mayrand31283.110.0%
Zsofia T Csikos23212.39.8%
Naomi Lamont32302.78.3%
Sherry Helman34322.26.3%
Tamsin Reeve41382.66.3%
Janette Clowes36342.26.0%
Deborah Deitz36351.95.2%
Cathie Gingerich27251.35.0%
Tina Liouzis34321.64.7%
Michelle Cranford33311.34.1%

Maximum nutrient density 

Finally, we come to the Optimal Nutrient Intake Score (our measure of nutrient density).  

This leaderboard tends to be dominated by people who have repeated the Masterclass a few times.  But the fact that we are seeing more and more people achieving a perfect 100% score is incredible and validates the efficacy of Masterclass.  It’s hard not to improve! 

Karen Mayrand100.0%
Lisa Angioli99.5%
Michael Ilett99.0%
Oddný Ösp Gísladóttir98.5%
Linda Fishbeck98.1%
Kelli Buckley97.9%
Kim Long Rains97.5%
Karen DiPeppe96.6%
Ingrid Leese96.6%
Hyun Kyoung Lee91.0%

We have worked hard to make Nutrient Optimiser the ultimate tool to empower people to get the nutrients they need from food, not supplements.  We now have more than 450 optimised Nutriboosters recipes and a suite of cookbooks designed to help you optimise the nutrients you need to meet your goals and thrive.  

We’ve been pleased to see so many of our Optimisers join the Nutrient Optimiser Forever Plan to continue to use Nutrient Optimiser for recipe inspiration to dial in their nutrient density in between the six-week Masterclasses.  

How Can I Calculate My Nutrient Intake?

If you’re interested in checking if you’re getting just enough dietary phosphorus, you can check your nutrient profile using our Free 7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge

After a week of tracking your current diet in CronometerNutrient Optimiser will give you a prioritised list of foods and NutriBooster recipes that will help you plug your current nutritional gaps.

Level Up Your Nutrient Density

To help you level up your nutrient density, we’ve prepared a Nutritional Optimisation Starter Pack to ensure you are getting plenty of all the essential nutrients from the food you eat every day.    

The free starter pack includes:

  • Maximum Nutrient Density Food List
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Recipe Book
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Meal Plan.

To get started today, all you have to do is join our new Optimising Nutrition Group here

Once you join, you will find the Nutritional Optimisation starter pack in the discovery section here.

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