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Nutrient Optimiser Mission Statement

Our mission To leverage technology, data analysis and innovative insights to enable individuals to optimise their food choices quantitatively. What do we do? We enable people to optimise their nutrition to achieve their goals. Our goal  To start a movement of people who quantitatively optimise their nutrition (Optimisers).   What do we mean by “nutrition”? “Nutrition” […]

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Real life responses to the Nutrient Optimiser

We just loved seeing the Nutrient Optimiser work as planned during the challenge!  The responses were just too good not to share. What next? We have taken the learnings from these challenges and refined our systems to develop optimised food lists, a Nutritional Optimisation Program, Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass and nutrient-dense recipes to help you achieve success as quickly and simply as […]

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Weight loss after six weeks using Nutrient Optimiser

It was exciting to see how well people did in the Nutrient Optimiser Challenge which was held to celebrate the launch of Nutrient Optimiser.   The results of the challenge demonstrate the positive benefits of quantitatively optimising nutrient density and satiety and benefits of the Nutrient Optimiser to create sustainable improvements in diet quality, body […]

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Nutrient Density Bootcamp & Challenge

Think your way of eating is the best?  Here’s your chance to prove it! We want to give you the opportunity to showcase your diet. During the Nutrient Optimiser Six Week Weight Loss Challenge it was exciting to see how health, vitality, satiety, and weight loss occur when people focused on micronutrients.   The average […]

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The Nutrient Optimiser: It’s Alive!!!!

After many months of development, refinement and beta testing we’re excited to announce that the Nutrient Optimiser is now live! What is the Nutrient Optimiser? While the Optimising Nutrition blog contains a lot of details unpacking the latest in nutritional science, what most people want to know is what are the highest priority things they […]

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Dr Greger’s How Not to Die Cookbook (review)

To celebrate the release of the How Not to Die Cookbook I thought it would be interesting review some of Dr Greger’s recipes to see how they stack up nutritionally. Firstly, I’ve got to give kudos on the layout.  I bought my copy on Apple iBooks and was impressed at how you could interactively explore […]

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