All About the Macros Masterclass [Macros Masterclass FAQ #1]

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of questions from Optimisers as they undertake their journey to Nutritional Optimisation in the Macros Masterclass. We’ve continually mined the data and research for answers and documented the most important findings in this series of frequently asked questions.   This section covers the questions many people ask in … Read more

Macronutrients [Macros Masterclass FAQ #2]

There is plenty of controversy and confusion around finding the balance between macronutrients (i.e. protein, fat and carbs). This section of the FAQs outlines the data-driven approach we use in the Macros Masterclass to cut through the noise to help Optimisers get the desired results. Why Don’t We Start with a Calculated Calorie Target?  Many … Read more

Your Food and Meal Choices [Macros Masterclass FAQ #5]

There is an infinite array of dietary choices that you can choose from, which can be exciting and daunting simultaneously!  This section of the Macros Masterclass FAQs shows how Nutrient Optimiser guides you to make better food choices and move towards a more optimal diet that aligns with your goals.  How Does Nutrient Optimiser Cater … Read more