What is Nutrient Density? [Micros Masterclass FAQ Part 2]

We believe nutrition should primarily be about the nutrients in your food.  Irrespective of your dietary preferences or goals, you fundamentally need adequate nutrients from your food.  We want to ensure an agnostic and quantified approach to optimising nutrient density is the next big thing in nutrition.   This section of the Micros Masterclass FAQs … Read more

All About the Micros Masterclass [Micros Masterclass FAQ Part 1]

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of questions from Optimisers as they embark on their quest of Nutritional Optimisation.   So, in response, we’ve mined the data for answers and documented the most important and interesting findings in this FAQs series.  The interaction between micronutrients and satiety is fascinating.  We hope you enjoy learning … Read more