Learning to Nourish (Rather than Deprive) Yourself | Debra Cleveland

I had a great time talking to fellow Optimiser Debra Cleveland about her journey through the Data-Driven Fasting Challenges and Masterclasses.    

During our live Q&As, Debra was always full of enthusiasm, inspiration, and positive energy as she learned to nourish her body instead of depriving it.  

This stuck out to me, and I wanted to chat with her to hear more about her ride through health and to see if she had any learnings and insights to share.   

We discussed: 

  • Why is taking care of your body and your health a priority for you?   
  • How did you stumble across DDF and the Optimising Nutrition Masterclass?   
  • What did you find unique about the process?   
  • What did you learn from tracking your blood glucose?   
  • What did you learn from tracking your macro and micronutrients in the masterclass?   
  • What tips would you give for someone just starting out?   


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