Glossary – Data-Driven Fasting

This section of the Data-Driven Fasting FAQs defines some of the abbreviations you may see used in our Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge

  • BG – blood glucose (same as blood sugar, but more technically correct). 
  • BS – blood sugar (same as BG, but more commonly used)
  • DDF – Data-Driven Fasting
  • EF – extended fasting or not eating for days at a time
  • LBM – Lean body mass. This refers to everything other than fat mass that makes up your total body weight, like bones, water, muscles, and organs.
  • Lizzy – the personification of your lizard brain (survival instincts based in your amygdala) that battles with your conscious brain or prefrontal cortex.
  • Macros – Macronutrients, or protein, carbs and fat
  • MC – Macros Masterclass or Micros Masterclass
  • NO – Nutrient Optimiser
  • NSV – non-scale victory
  • NutriBoosters – our suite of optimised recipes embedded into Nutrient Optimiser.
  • Nutrient density – the content of essential nutrients per calorie.
  • OMAD – one meal a day
  • P:E – protein: energy ratio
  • Protein % – the percentage of your total calories that come from protein.
  • PSMF – Protein Sparing Modified Fast
  • Satiety – Fullness per calorie
  • TMAD – two meals a day
  • TOM – time of the month, menses or period
  • Trigger – the blood sugar that you need to get below to eat in DDF, calculated by the app
  • Window – a strict and rigid time-based approach to intermittent fasting
  • WOE – way of eating