Kathleen’s Fantastic Data-Driven Fasting Results

Congratulations to Kathleen, who saw some fantastic results in our Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge.  At 62, her initial goal was to get below 25% body fat (now she has her eyes set on 23%).   

Over the first few days, Kathleen learned to take notice of her hunger and how her eating the previous day affected her blood sugars and appetite.  

She used her blood sugar as a guide to her eating routine to ensure she was achieving a negative energy balance

She got hooked on the data and on seeing her consistent progress as she followed the process.   

Kathleen’s DDF tracking spreadsheet below shows that chasing her pre-meal trigger down from 102 to 82 mg/dL, by optimising her meal frequency, ensured her weight and body fat followed that downward trend.

She also learned to understand how her exercise affected her blood sugar.  

After being encouraged to focus on protein, she ramped it up with a Protein Sparing Modified Fasting.  It’s no wonder she gained 5 lbs of lean mass while losing 9 lbs of fat! 

She found having a high-protein breakfast around her activity helped manage hunger.  

Even while losing weight, she was able to stay active.  Timing meals when you are most insulin sensitive earlier in the day seems to help a lot of people with their progress.  

Some days her blood sugar didn’t come down, but with her Main Meal locked in she was able to eat enough to get the protein and nutrients she needed.  

We encourage participants not to try too hard.  Many people find that fasting drives them to overeat when their lizard brain takes over after a fast to prevent starvation.  Slow and steady consistency is usually better than short-term herculean efforts!  

After 30 days of consistent effort, she was thrilled with her results.  

Then she reached her goal of 25% body fat.  

Kathleen said:

I’m so glad I came across Data-Driven Fasting by Optimizing Nutrition and decided to join the 30-Day Challenge

I have been attempting to reduce the excess body fat I have for quite some time. I’ve been keto and then keto carnivore for a while to help manage the autoimmune health issues I have. 

This way of eating has helped me feel better, but I was still dissatisfied as I wasn’t reducing. I read Marty Kendall’s blog explaining: Ηow DDF and thought why not give it a go. 

I decided to start as soon as I got the challenge materials and became hooked on doing my daily glucose readings. This way of intermittent fasting by using a glucometer and the level of hunger you’re experiencing is so easy! 

I love the fantastic tracking spreadsheet you get that’s colour coded to show where you need improvement and how well you’re doing. The daily lessons explain so much about glucose, and I had a lot of aha moments. 

The main lesson I learned for me is that my optimal time for eating is morning to midday. I had been eating midday to evening. Switched to breakfast and lunch most days and really saw progress then. 

In just 30 days, I finally have a reduction in body fat! Yay! Not only did I have reductions in body fat, inches and weight, but I also gained muscle! And better yet, I’m sleeping and feeling a lot better, and I have energy like I haven’t had in a long, long time. DDF was exactly what I needed! 

I will continue to do DDF till I reach my new body fat goal of 22%. Maybe even lower! I highly recommend DDF to anyone who is struggling to reduce weight and body fat.

Congratulations Kathleen!  We’re thrilled with your results too! 

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