Are all proteins created equal?

I sometimes hear the phrase “animal proteins” used as a derogatory term, as if there’s something inherently bad about them.  But, are memes like this perpetuating an ethical paradigm or belief system rather than promoting human health or sustainability?  Is there any difference between ‘animal protein’ and ‘plant protein’?  Or are amino acids just more […]

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Tammy’s long term success with Nutritional Optimisation

Some people have been asking about the long term sustainability of our unique approach to Nutritional Optimisation.  So it’s exciting to feature some fantastic examples from people who have been chipping away at this for a while.   Tammy started her weight loss journey at 101 kg.  She initially lost 20 kilograms with what she calls […]

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Are you “addicted to food”?

Do you sometimes feel like you are “addicted to food”?    You may have heard that foods like sugar light up your brain with dopamine just like cocaine!    But getting a hug, getting a like on Facebook/Instagram, getting a smile from the cute boy/girl across the room, making love, holding a baby, patting your dog, getting […]

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Michael is a winner… again!

The only problem with winning the fat loss category of the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass twice in a row is you have to buy a new wardrobe!  Congratulations to Michael who lost a phenomenal 47 lbs (21 kg) over two consecutive masterclasses!   He also managed to drop 31lbs of body fat (14 kg) and went from […]

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Dave’s Dramatic Transformation

Congrats to Dave who made some great progress with the Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge followed by the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.   Dave got a wake-up call when his doctor told him he was heading for Type 2 diabetes and found the motivation to do whatever it took to regain his health.  DDF is a great […]

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