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If you’ve made it this far through Big Fat Keto Lies, hopefully, you can see that:

  • there are a number of moving parts to Nutritional Optimisation that can appear complex, and
  • your nutritional prescription needs to be personalised to your current situation, goals and diet.

To help people implement the theory, we’ve been developing several tools that we’re excited to share to help you on your journey. 

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If you want to dive a little deeper into our world, we’d love you to join our free Optimising Nutrition Community here.  After growing a fantastic community on Facebook over the past couple of years, we decided it was time to set up our own space away from the noise of social media. 

We’re loving our new home away from the noise, controversies and distraction of social media.  All our future challenges will be run here.  You will also get a stream of recipes and other inspiration to help you continue your journey towards optimising your nutrition in the community. 

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Data-Driven Fasting

Measuring your blood sugar gives you an instantaneous measure of your current energy status (i.e. full or empty and needing to refuel).  It enables you to solve the energy balance equation without tracking everything you eat. 

We’ve been stunned by how well people have taken to Data-Driven Fasting.  It seems most people would prefer to test their blood sugars a couple of times a day than trying to solve the calories in vs calories out equation. 

Data-Driven Fasting is a great way to get started in your journey towards optimising your blood sugars, weight and health. 

If you want to identify your personalised trigger, you can download the free baselining spreadsheet here or the 190-page manual here to learn all about Data-Driven Fasting

To continue, you can choose the 30-Day Challenge or the self-guided Program.

Check your macros

If you find your blood sugars are great, but your fat loss has stalled, many people find it helpful to check their current macro intake.  You can use our free macro calculator to find your target macros. 

Progressively dialling up protein percentage (by decreasing fat and/or carbs) tends to work wonders for most people and enables them to regain control of their appetite. 

7 Day-Nutrient Clarity Challenge

If you want to fine-tune your nutrient density by adding in foods and meals that contain more of the nutrients you aren’t getting enough of, you can take our Free 7-Day Food Discovery Challenge here.  

NutriBooster Recipe Books

After publishing hundreds of articles about nutrient density, satiety, and optimising blood sugar and insulin levels, we finally realised that if nutritional optimisation was going to become a movement, we needed to make it as easy as possible for YOU to implement in your kitchen. 

When everything these days is optimised using artificial intelligence and big data, why shouldn’t you be able to optimise the nutrients in your food?  Our ambitious goal was to reinvent and revolutionise the recipe genre by bringing the essential micronutrients into the spotlight using a data-driven approach.  So, we created a series of recipe books tailored to a range of goals.  

To help you decide, we have prepared this table with a brief description of each book and who it would be appropriate for. 

GoalAppropriate for
Fat lossDesigned for rapid fat loss by providing optimal satiation from adequate protein to prevent muscle loss and decrease hunger and cravings stemming from nutrient deficiencies. 
Maximum Nutrient DensityThese are the most nutrient-dense recipes available!
Low Carb & Blood SugarDesigned to stabilise blood sugars and maintain weight on a nutritious low-carb diet.  Ideal for someone with diabetes or anyone who enjoys eating low-carb.
Blood Sugar & Fat LossDesigned for someone with elevated blood sugars and body fat to lose. 
BodybuildersDesigned for someone looking to gain muscle without increasing excess body fat.
High Protein:Energy Designed with a high protein:energy ratio for aggressive fat loss.  
Nutritional KetoDesigned for someone who enjoys eating ketogenic but does not require therapeutic ketone levels.
Therapeutic KetoDesigned for people who require therapeutic ketone levels for specific conditions (e.g., for epilepsy, dementia, or Parkinson’s).
Plant-BasedThese are the most nutrient-dense plant-based recipes available.
VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense vegetarian meals.
Low Carb VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense, low-carb vegetarian meals designed to stabilise blood sugars.   
Lacto Vegetarian 
Maintenance Designed to help you maintain your body weight by optimising nutrient content to live a healthy and energised life.  
PescatarianThese are the most nutrient-dense pescatarian recipes (i.e., vegetarian plus seafood).
Egg-FreeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs.  
Dairy-FreeThe most nutrient-dense meals without dairy.  
Egg & Dairy-FreeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs or dairy.
Athletes & BulkingDesigned to support activity or growth while optimising nutrient density. 
Meat-BasedThese are the most nutrient-dense meals that contain meat (i.e., beef, pork, chicken, etc.).  
ImmunityRecipes designed to prioritise nutrients like iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, vitamin A, C, and D that support healthy immune function. 
Cancer (weight loss & nutrient density)Designed for someone with cancer that needs less glutamic acid and methionine while maximising nutrient density and satiety to promote fat loss.
Cancer (weight maintenance)Designed for someone with cancer that requires less glutamic acid and methionine while providing enough energy to maintain a healthy weight.
Cancer (weight gain)Designed for someone with cancer that requires less glutamic acid and methionine while providing plenty of energy to support weight gain after or during cancer treatment.
SmoothiesThe most nutritious smoothies for quick and easy meals on the go.
Low OxalateLow-oxalate NutriBoosters to maximise nutrient density while avoiding foods high in oxalates.
Low FODMAPOur Low FODMAP NutriBoosters were created to supply nutrient-dense, satiating recipes while excluding high FODMAP foods.
Low HistamineWe have designed this collection of NutriBoosters to minimise histamines while maximising nutrient density as much as possible.   
Low FatDesigned for people who prefer eating low-fat, which can be great if your blood sugars are excellent or you need to refill your glycogen stores quickly.   

Each book contains 33 recipes plus an index of links to 100+ additional secret recipes that align with your chosen goal.   When you purchase one of the books, you will receive:

  • an e-book with the most nutritious meals optimised for your goal (that you can take with you anywhere on your phone or tablet),
  • a secret index of links to the 100+ most nutrient-dense recipes optimised for your goal on our website so you will never run out of nutritious ideas to try,  
  • a full micronutrient breakdown showing the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that you will obtain from each recipe,
  • access to all recipes pre-logged in Cronometer for your convenience, and 
  • a list of the most popular nutrient-dense foods that align with your goal.

Macros Masterclass

There is no perfect one-size-fits-all dietary prescription that works for everyone all the time.  We all require a unique mix of protein, fat, and carbs tailored to our unique lifestyle, goals, budget, beliefs, and preferences.

Sadly, we’ve seen so much confusion and frustration as people try to follow the latest popular extreme approach, whether that be:

  • Low-fat,
  • Low-carb,
  • Keto,
  • Low protein,
  • High protein,
  • Plant-based, or
  • Carnivore.

Even if they help for a while, the reality is that very few people manage to stick to these ways of eating long term. Instead, we usually revert to our old habits.

You don’t have to upend everything you’re already doing.  You only need to make just enough change to start moving towards your goal at a sustainable rate.

While many people think they want overnight success. But overnight success rarely lasts.  Instead, it’s the incremental changes that lead to tiny habits that, before you know it, will lead to your long term goal!  Rather than jumping to unsustainable extremes, we always see the best results when Optimisers progressively move towards optimal.

That’s why we designed the Macros Masterclass.  We want to guide you through to dial your macronutrients to align with your unique goals, such as:

  • Fat loss while maximising satiety and minimising muscle loss.
  • Muscle growth while minimising fat gain.
  • Healthy maintenance and aging while preventing sarcopenia and loss of lean mass.
  • Blood sugar stabilisation in someone with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, Type-2, or Type-1 diabetes

Our Macros Masterclass includes:

  • A 30-day guided course to progressively dial in your macronutrients.
  • 45 days of access to our web-based software and app, Nutrient Optimiser, which contains:       
  • Smart Macros Algorithm to fine-tune your macros.
  • 600+ nutrient-packed NutriBooster recipes tailored for a wide range of goals and preferences.
  • Optimised food lists tailored to your current diet.
  • Biometric tracking.
  • Training on the nuances of tracking your food to ensure you get the most out of your data.
  • Access to our 460+ Nutribooster recipes in Cronometer to simplify planning ahead and tracking.
  • Sample meal plans optimised for a range of goals and preferences.
  • Walkthrough tutorial videos.
  • Live weekly group Q&As.
  • Daily posts and group support in our brand-new learning platform.

The Macros Masterclass will teach you:

  • The critical role of each macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fat).
  • How to tailor your macros to align with your personal goals.
  • To plan ahead using our NutriBooster recipes and meal plans.

In the Macros Masterclass, we will guide you through the following steps:

  • Week 1 – Baselining
  • Week 2 – Prioritise protein
  • Week 3 – Find your carb tolerance
  • Week 4 – Leverage fat

You can learn more about our Macros Masterclass, including all the FAQs here.

Micros Masterclass

We’ve spent the past five years researching and analysing data from people living in the real world to understand how each macronutrient and micronutrient affects their hunger and satiety. 

We now have a unique database of 125,761 days of macronutrient and micronutrient data from 34,519 people who have used Nutrient Optimiser to fine-tune their diet.  This has given us a unique, powerful, and precise understanding of how each micronutrient influences our cravings and how much we eat.

The key finding from our analysis is simply that humans, along with all other organisms, continually seek the nutrients they need.  We continue to eat until we obtain all the nutrients we need to thrive. 

In the past, it was easy to get enough nutrients, but energy (from carbs and fat) was harder to find.  But today, our modern food environment is filled with calorie-dense, hyper-palatable, nutrient-poor foods that lead most of us to consume more energy than we need in our quest to obtain the nutrients we require to thrive.

Trying to deprive your body of energy is futile if you are not getting the nutrients you require daily from your food.  No matter how much conscious willpower you can muster, your appetite will always win in the end!

Nutrient density is the missing piece that will empower you to gain control of your appetite.  Eating a ‘nutrient-dense diet’ simply means getting enough of all the micronutrients you require without consuming excess energy. 

We believe Nutritional Optimisation is the next big thing that many are talking about, but very few people know how to do it.  That’s why we created the Macros Masterclass

Rather than depriving your body, our goal is to gamify the process of Nutritional Optimisation.  Your goal is simply to solve the puzzle to give your body everything it needs to reach its full potential. 

In the Micros Masterclass, we will guide you to understand which nutrients your current diet is missing and which foods and meals you can use to fill those gaps.  At the end of the four weeks, you will have your own personalised shortlist list of foods and meals that you love that aligns with your goals and provide you with the nutrients your body requires to thrive.

The Micro Masterclass includes:

  • A 30-day course that guides you through progressively dialling in your micronutrients.
  • 45 days of access to our web-based software and app, Nutrient Optimiser, which contains:       
  • The Smart Macros Algorithm to fine-tune your macros.
  • 600 nutrient-packed NutriBooster recipes tailored towards a wide range of goals and preferences.
  • Optimised food lists tailored to your current diet.
  • Biometric tracking.
  • Guidance through the nuances of tracking your food to ensure you get the most out of your data.
  • Access to the 600 Nutribooster recipes in Cronometer to simplify planning ahead and tracking.
  • Sample meal plans optimised for varying goals and preferences.
  • Weekly live group Q&As.
  • Daily posts and group support in our brand-new learning platform.

The Micros Masterclass will teach you:

  • The critical role each micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids) plays in your diet.
  • How to find all the micronutrients in the foods you eat.
  • To use our NutriBooster recipes and meal plans to plan ahead.

In the Micros Masterclass, we will guide you through the following steps:

  • Week 1 – Baselining to identify which nutrients your diet is lacking
  • Week 2 – Optimising your minerals
  • Week 3 – Optimising your Vitamins
  • Week 4 – Striving for the Optimal Nutrient Intakes

You can learn more about our Micros Masterclass, including all the FAQs here.

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