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nutritious high energy density foods for athletes

If you’re an athlete, the “problem” with nutrient-dense foods like non-starchy vegetables and organ meats is that it can be hard to get enough fuel to support your activity. Foods designed for athletes are energy dense but are not nutrient dense but rather are fast burning foods that don’t contain a lot of essential nutrients. […]

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nutritious low energy density foods for weight loss

Low energy density foods help you feel full with fewer calories as well as improving nutrient density per calorie. Some people who benefit from an LCHF approach initially may, as their blood glucose and insulin levels normalise, also benefit by decreasing the energy density and increasing the nutrient density of their diet. These low energy density […]

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personalised foods lists optimised for for your goal

personalised foods optimised for for your goal: weight loss (high nutrient density, low energy density) diabetes and nutritional ketosis nutrient dense maintenance weight loss and insulin resistance therapeutic ketogenic diet body building no carb foods vegan autoimmune food for athletes alkaline foods foods to avoid

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