Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF): Crash Diet or Miracle Weight Loss?

The PSMF Diet, or Protein Sparing Modified Fast, is low in calories from fat and carbohydrates and high in protein so you can keep your precious lean mass. This article will show you how you can also maximise your nutrient density to manage your cravings and prevent rebound binging.

How to Use a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for Weight Loss

With the explosion of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, a new wave of biohacking is on the rise. Constant instantaneous access to your blood sugar can give you a powerful insight into your metabolism.  You can even use your CGM data as an instantaneous fuel gauge that tells you if you need to eat NOW … Read more

Optimise Weight Loss with Continuous Glucose Monitor

Are you caught in the web of blood sugar management, insulin fears, and weight loss confusion? You’re not alone. In the ever-evolving world of health and nutrition, myths and misunderstandings persist. We’re here to unravel the truth. If you’ve ever believed that the path to weight loss and metabolic health involved flattening your blood sugar … Read more