What Have You Learned About Your Health with Data-Driven Fasting?

Data-Driven Fasting is NOT magic.  It simply empowers you with insights to understand how your body works, what it needs and how to tweak your habits to move towards your goals.  

We love seeing people have the ‘ah ha’ moments as they crack the code and understand what’s happening, what their body needs to give them the results they want.  

Our good friend Bett Lucas recently asked what people had learned about their health journey in the DDF group. 

The insights from the learnings were too good not to share.  So here are a few of the highlights.

  • That any kind of extended fasting will NOT work for me, my body processes healthy food too fast, and I’d end up binging. Better to eat my three meals +/- a snack (depending on the day) than try to make my meals fit some arbitrary timeline made up by someone else.  [Tibeca]
  • A lot of added fat is not necessary. A few extra carbs aren’t the devil, and protein is king.  [Mary]
  • Using fat as a lever. Eating just enough, but not nearly as much fat as when I did keto.  [Sarah]
  • I can eat 3-4 times a day with zero cravings or “willpower”.  [Rachel]
  • I wasn’t eating enough protein, and I was undereating too much!  [Kim]
  • That my docs are crazy, not me – my A1C kept creeping up, and they told me not to worry. I cannot wait to have it checked again! When stressed, before eating, poke finger, that will keep you honest about comfort eating!
  • I learned that energy toxicity is a real thing!  More nutrients, less energy is my north star. & bring on the protein! Do some pushups and squats!  [Heather]
  • Fasting alone will not get me to my goal.   Yet it was touted as the holy grail in every corner of the Nutritional Industrial Complex!  [Anita & Chaplain]  
  • That you can splurge and enjoy a combination of carbohydrates and fats together, but you will be paying the price for a couple of days.  Also, if you frontload with lean protein, I have a much better blood glucose response.  [Amy]
  • That my metabolic health isn’t where it should be, and I’ll keep on with DDF.  [Grace]
  • My blood glucose is more important than ketones. That I already eat super nutrient-dense foods but need to figure out timing better. That I need to lift weights more than once a week.  [Julie]
  • That using Nutrient Optimiser can result in 75 lbs released (officially as of today) with amazingly high satiety.  I haven’t seen that weight in 18 yrs.  I didn’t think it was even possible.  [Lauretta]
  • Fasting is useful, but it comes down to food choices.  [Bea]

For more amazing insights, check out these excellent podcasts with Bett, where she shares more of her insights about Data-Driven Fasting.  

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