“Here’s a blushing review…” from Holly

We recently received this lovely email from Holly.  It was too good not to share. 

I know you are super busy with all the growing pains that come with booming success. I’m so excited about the success of the programs and tool offerings!


I’ve participated in both Data-Driven Fasting and the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass and will attest that Optimising Nutrition gives a voice to the issues of obesity, diabetes and all the health concerns that come with the undernourished yet overfed populations across the globe.

You (Alex and Marty) are spearheading accessible education to the entire planet to claim our health at a pinnacle when our healthcare systems are overburdened.

I consider it an honour to witness the transformation of Optimising Nutrition as you streamline FB forums, web-based information and offerings. In addition to your own data supported research, you’ve tapped into exceptional resources by hosting interviews and inviting guest moderators such as Clark Connery and so many others. They have already travelled this road to share their experience and provide guidance in the FB groups.

I must give thanks to Lori Tilden for leading me to the ON community as I found her in another FB intermittent fasting group where we also learned about separating fuel sources (carbs/fats).

This year so far has been a journey of self-discovery and connection unparalleled. Anyone who is the least bit curious enough about owning their own health will do well to join in on this nutritious adventure.

The more we can appreciate and value the nutrition of our food sources via personal experiences, the better we can steward a happy planet. ON is some next level shit!!

I am looking forward to the next Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass!

– Holly Rigol

Wow, Holly! 

It’s been wonderful to have you participate in the Data-Driven Fasting Challenges and the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

Thanks for sharing your observations and reflections and contributing so much the our growing community!


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