Teammates in Love, Life, and Health… Meet Kelli and Dan Buckley

What do you say to an attractive couple who have just lost a ton of weight and transformed their health?

“Hello, Kelli and Daniel Buckley!”  

And the kicker is, this pared-down pair feel as good as they look

I recently had the pleasure of talking to this wonderful couple. It was wonderful to hear the story from their own mouths. It’s highly recommended to watch if you want a heartwarming love story with a healthy dose of weight loss and diabetes reversal.

Read on to discover how they made themselves a topic of conversation.


Kelli began intermittent fasting (IF) in January of 2019. 

No coincidence that, right?

Like millions of other resolution-makers, she wanted to start the New Year off right.  And that she did, blasting off 30 pounds with IF in the first few months before fizzling out like a spent fireworks sparkler. 

No matter what she tried, Kelli couldn’t find her stall-breaker.  For 19 months, she held her ground with nary a lost pound or a dropped inch to validate her efforts. 

But she kept the faith.

My delightful Dad was a brittle diabetic, and I don’t want to travel that road. I tried several different longer fasting schedules without releasing additional body fat.

Then, I found Data-Driven Fasting (DDF).  It simply required not eating until my glucose meter confirmed my hunger and that I actually needed to refuel.  

Rather than simply fasting for longer, DDF solved the WHEN part of dieting.”

Even if it wasn’t quite the Hope Diamond, Kelli’s discovery was a gem of a find.

Data-Driven Fasting helped me slowly lower my waking blood sugars from 115 to the 80s and below. Another benefit is that I am firmly in the TMAD (Two Meals A Day) camp now. I feel thin for the first time in a long time.”

Kelli struck lucky a second time when she found the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass, the WHAT part of eating, and mined it for all it was worth. 

During the Masterclass, I lost 7.5% of my body fat. As my body fat percentage improved, I lost 3 inches from my waist, which indicates improved insulin resistance.

nameschange (lbs)change (%)
Jane 5.922.7%
Sidi 5.715.1%
Sheila 3.79.0%
Camille 2.58.9%
Kelli Buckley2.87.5%
Chris 2.56.9%
Karen 2.16.4%
Shelly 1.95.2%
Kindy 2.85.1%
Danielle 2.55.1%

Kelli also made the weight loss leaderboard in the Masterclass, losing 6.5% of her body weight over the six weeks.

nameloss (lbs)loss (%)
Jane 18.411.3%
Chris 24.59.7%
Carol 17.88.1%
Iris 13.57.9%
Camille 11.17.5%
Karen 12.07.2%
Deborah 11.47.0%
Kelli Buckley10.86.5%
Cheryl 11.06.1%

But make no mistake!  Luck might have been on Kelli’s side, but the “open sesame” to her success was her willingness to let go of everything she thought she knew about fasting, weight loss, and achieving better health, including her dependence on eating one meal a day (OMAD), and a precision-timed feeding window.

Fueling by the meter is a major shift in thinking for a faster used to delaying hunger as long as possible.  I had totally lost touch with my hunger cues and felt guilty eating when I was physically hungry.  Also, my blood sugars were shockingly high.  No wonder I couldn’t lose weight or body fat. There I was 30 pounds lighter but not very healthy.  I thought I was doing okay… until I wasn’t!

With that realisation duly noted in her workbook, Kelli was primed to learn the ins and outs of nutrient density/diversity a la Nutrient Optimiser Masterclass and “gamify” her meal planning optimise WHAT to eat.  But as this star pupil quickly qualifies, being able to sustain her dietary goals depends not only on what she eats but what she doesn’t!

I ate salmon every day for several weeks. Dan and I have a new joke… he says “What’s for dinner?” I reply “salmon” every single time. I tried to eat Braunschweig, but I could not commit to long term consumption. Kudos to you liver eaters out there, respect,” Kelli jokes. “It didn’t take me too long to realise I needed to eat the foods I really like to translate what I’ve learned into permanent changes.

So, what are this successful Optimiser’s plans for moving forward?

  • Eat a protein-rich meal with the majority of my nutrients in the first meal.
  • Create 3 to 4 first meal options so I have a variety of recipes. Otherwise. I’ll get bored and have a hard time hanging with it.
  • Track in Cronometer to keep scores above 90.
  • Limit added fat to meals and eat nuts cautiously.
  • Do the masterclass in May to lose additional body fat.
  • Relax a bit!!

We could all do with healthy portions of what Kelli’s having, along with a slice of her sweet dessert:

When I help others, it helps me too. I realise I need support and the best way to do that is to pay it forward with Nutrient Optimisation.

Well said, Kelli, well said.  And so very well done!  Other people are already reaping the fruits of your wise advice really appreciate your input as a Moderator in the upcoming Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass and Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge.

See Kelli’s charts and pictures below.

DDF enabled Kelli to optimise WHEN to eat, while the Masterclass helped her dial-in WHAT to eat, it all came together with an incredibly high Optimal Nutrient Intake Score. This is what a balanced diet really looks like (at a micronutrient level). 

Kelli developed a healthy obsession with solving the fascinating puzzle of nutrition and made it to the top of the Optimal Nutrient Intake Score leaderboard!


Dan had previously experienced good results with OMAD and fasting, just like Kelli, even reclaiming a favourite shirt from his closet of “too tight” outgrown sizes.  But then his very own ‘mother of all stalls’ moved in and decided to stay!

Kelli had discovered Data-Driven Fasting (DDF) by then, and though disconcerted (“Hmmmm… what’s this all about?”), husband soon followed wife into this new, personalised way of eating. Dan’s improvements weren’t immediate, but in a relatively short time, his weight came falling down, along with his blood glucose and his pants--from a size 43 waist to a dyslexic 34!  Obviously, Dan’s fears that he would gain weight eating twice daily were unfounded.

If you’ve ever wondered what optimal health, vitality, and joy look like, have we got some pictures for you.  Just take a look at these smiles!  Maybe it’s time for you to be taking selfies of your own journey into health, wellness, and happiness!

Congratulations, Kelli and Dan.

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  1. There are so many magical transformations in the DDF world. This darling couple is a prime example of what is being achieved by enthusiastic members of DDF, as well as the NO Masterclass, series.
    Marty Kendall and Alex Zotov are right at the forefront of a nutrition revolution.

    • it’s so satisfying to see so many amazing transformations as people follow the data-driven approaches to nutrition!

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