Top Tips and Insider Secrets from DDF Veterans

We asked people who completed the March Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge to take themselves back to the starting line and give themselves some good advice.  Here’s what they said. 

“Don’t overthink it.  Don’t stress about weight, body fat and circumference fluctuations.  When in doubt, check the guides.  When still in doubt, ask in the group. K. I. S. S – Don’t overcomplicate it.  Keep an open mind regarding your existing way of eating.”  (Henrick)

“Eating more protein.”  (Kim)

“Don’t panic if you don’t understand all the science.  Just follow the guides and ask in the group if you’re not sure.”  (Claire)

“For me, it was critical to start slowly and not artificially push my trigger readings down by reducing carbs too quickly. I wanted to learn what my body was doing rather than get trapped into another diet mentality. Read the guides. They are fantastic! Try to focus on the long term health benefits.”  (Frances)

“One meal a day (OMAD) had me in the routine of overeatingTiffani)

“Try to shift from a ‘window’ mentality. And from diet mode. This lets your body do the talking!! Follow the guides… simple. And the group will always help.” (Laurie)

“You don’t have to strive for perfection right out of the gate. Don’t compare your numbers to others. Enjoy the process and the progress.”  (Chenoa)

“Be patient.  The process may be subtle, but good things are happening.  Having a high protein, lower carb opener allows me to eat two moderate meals per day.  My body does well with low fat and moderate protein, even though it never did well when I was trying keto so many times.  High fat moderate protein is quite different than higher protein lower fat.  DDF is clearly the new, improved 2.0 version of the IF I’ve been doing for 3 1/2 years.  Lastly, it feels luxurious to be eating two meals per day!!  Who knew? Thank you, Marty and Alex!”

“Take your time to internalise the new concepts being shared. Be organised with meal prep, so you have food at hand to prepare or heat when hunger strikes. The numbers are just markers/information – they don’t indicate success or failure. Be gentle with yourself and trust in your body’s internal wisdom to heal, given the right base of nutritious foods.  This is a process of swings and roundabouts – never stagnant.   Even though there’s lots of brilliant info, the process is straightforward and easy to follow.  Know that no question is stupid. If in doubt, ask – Marty and Alex are always on hand for support, alongside other moderators. There’s a beautiful sense of community here, with a common goal ~ enjoy the process!”  (Marie)

“This program feels overwhelming at first but slowly unfolds into something so simple and so straightforward.” (April)

“Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information at the beginning and follow the process – it works!”  (Jan)

“Move your bigger meal earlier in the day, increase protein and reduce the fat, get used to the ups and downs of weight.  Do not overanalyse. Eat at or below trigger as much as possible.  Do not starve if your BG is stubborn and does not come down. It is simple, and it works!”  (Gabriela) 

“Evaluate your progress based on the larger, overall picture rather than stressing about any individual data point.  Seeing multiple things trending in a good direction stopped scale weight from taking up so much of my brain space for once in my life.”  (Anna)

“The big lesson for me was the reduction in added fats and choosing lower-fat sources of protein.  After that, the timing and frequency of exercise.  Data-Driven Fasting is the best natural BG lowering and weight loss program ever.”  (Peter)


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  1. What has surprised me the most is realising some foods I never dreamed of using have now become the foods which challenge my eating, such as silken tofu! What an amazing protein!

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