Belinda’s Triumph: Shedding 40 lbs and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes in Four Months!

Explore Belinda’s transformative journey with Optimising Nutrition as she sheds 40 lbs, reverses Type 2 Diabetes, and regains metabolic flexibility in just four months. Discover how nutrient-optimisation changed her life.

Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – November 2022 Results

It’s time to celebrate the fantastic results of the participants in our 19th round of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge!  The Data-Driven Fasting Challenge ran from Saturday, 5 November to 4 December 2022 and was again full of outstanding achievements!  The Data-Driven Fasting app works as a dashboard for your metabolism, enabling you to monitor and … Read more

Whit’s Journey of Nutritional Optimisation

Whit has been a passionate member of our Optimising Nutrition Community, progressing through the Data Driven Fasting Challenge, Macros Masterclass and the Micros Masterclass (his favourite). Whit volunteered to share his learnings from his journey to help spread the word about Nutritional Optimisation. So… here’s Whit’s story. How It Started Whit moved through college not … Read more

Linda’s Amazing Data-Driven Fasting Progress! Textbook DDF + Nutritional Optimisation!

Congratulations to Linda who saw some incredible results in our recent Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge, with  22 lbs (10 kg) weight loss (i.e. 11% of her starting body weight), 25 lbs of fat (11.3 kg) (26% of her starting fat),  3 lbs (1.3 kg) of lean mass gain, and  4 inches (10 cm) off … Read more

What Does Camilla Eat to Stay on Top of the Nutrient Optimiser Diet Quality Leaderboard?

It’s been satisfying to see people use the tools we have created to their fullest extent and go on to achieve amazing results!   One spectacular example is fun-loving and cheeky 36-year-old retail seafood specialist Camilla Caton who topped the Nutrient Optimiser Leaderboard for the second time in our 6 Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass. So we … Read more