Linda’s Amazing Data-Driven Fasting Progress! Textbook DDF + Nutritional Optimisation!

Congratulations to Linda who saw some incredible results in our recent Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge, with 

  • 22 lbs (10 kg) weight loss (i.e. 11% of her starting body weight),
  • 25 lbs of fat (11.3 kg) (26% of her starting fat), 
  • 3 lbs (1.3 kg) of lean mass gain, and 
  • 4 inches (10 cm) off her waist.

Her tracking spreadsheet from the challenge shows the details of her amazing progress! 

As shown in the chart below, as her weight and fat mass dropped, Linda’s lean mass crept up!  Who said older people couldn’t build muscle?  Linda’s body obviously didn’t get that memo!


In addition to employing Data-Driven Fasting, Linda levelled up her game by focusing on getting adequate protein and maximising nutrient density so she was still getting plenty of all of the vitamins and minerals to maximise her energy levels and prevent cravings. 

Look at the smile!  It looks like it worked out OK for her!  Brimming with vibrant health!

Linda’s said:

Placing first in fat loss, and weight isn’t just a win for me, but a victory for you, and all the other challengers who have played by the keto Low Carb High Fat rules for years, without achieving their goals.  All we ever needed was the right data.  

Your oxidative priority article, the Cleveland Clinic PSMF plan, and Protein Pulse Feeding for the Elderly, was my protocol.  

Sixteen years ago, at nearly 300 pounds, I got down to 195 pounds.  I’ve been HFLC since then, and have stabilised at about 200 pounds, and no matter what I tried, nothing budged.  

But you changed all that, and if it can work for a sedentary 73-year old, then there is hope for us all.  So the win belongs to us all.  

Your message is one of hope.  We can do anything if we have hope.  I am not diabetic, have no major health issues, and take no prescription meds.  And on DDF, I crossed from obese, to merely overweight.

Sorry to emote, but I just can’t believe the answer is already here.  Thanks again to you and Alex (and to your dear wife, for so freely sharing you with us).

What an inspirational story!  I love it.  Makes all the long hours creating these systems worth it!   Finally, Linda’s top tips for success:

  • Progress over perfection. 
  • Trust the process. 
  • Celebrate every victory, no matter how small.  
  • See mistakes as a learning opportunity, not a character flaw. 
  • Show up on the mat every day: Alex Zotov and Marty Kendall are fighting your corner. 
  • Lean on, and learn from your DDF peers. There are none of us who cannot learn, and none of us who cannot teach. 
  • And finally, try to CHILLAX!



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