What Does Camilla Eat to Stay on Top of the Nutrient Optimiser Diet Quality Leaderboard?

It’s been satisfying to see people use the tools we have created to their fullest extent and go on to achieve amazing results!   One spectacular example is fun-loving and cheeky 36-year-old retail seafood specialist Camilla Caton who topped the Nutrient Optimiser Leaderboard for the second time in our 6 Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass. So we … Read more

Lauretta’s Journey of Nutritional Optimisation

We LOVE transformations! By dialling her nutrient density using Nutrient Optimiser, Lauretta experienced a massive transformation and feels great. After a recent Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass, Lauretta sent me this photo of her in her wedding dress (her long term goal) and looking great! Lauretta is a beautiful example of the power of Nutritional Optimisation. She … Read more