Results of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge – January 2022

We love to celebrate outstanding success!  Check out the results from the 12th round of our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge

We had 1,223 challengers join this round, which ran from 22 January to 20 February 2022. 

It was our first round using our new community space in Mighty Networks.  It’s perfect for running courses like ours and building a community of Optimisers free from distraction.    

Weight Loss

Again, we saw some spectacular weight loss results!

The chart below DDF app shows Jim’s super impressive progress.

Next, we see Tania’s chart, with a weight loss of 4.4%. 

Overall, the average weight loss of all participants was 3.1 lbs or 1.4 kg in 30 days.  This equates to an average weight loss of 1.7% over the four weeks or 0.4% per week. 

While we often think we want rapid weight loss, it’s hard to sustain it in practice over the long term.  If you push too hard, your body will use hunger and cravings to make up for the aggressive deficit.

But if you can sustain losing around 0.5% of your total body weight each week without having to skip eating for extended periods or experiencing extreme hunger, you’re on the path to long-term success.  

Data-Driven Fasting was designed to help people trapped in a constant restrict-binge-restrict-binge cycle using other popular fasting regimes. 

Blood Glucose

Even more exciting than weight loss is the fantastic reduction in blood sugars and massively improved metabolic health that many users report. 

The charts below show the distribution of blood glucose across the participants.  Challengers’ average glucose dropped from 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) to 90 mg/dL (5.0 mmol/L) during the 30-day challenge.

If you compare the start and finish results, you can see that everything shifted to the left nicely!  

As people wait for their blood sugar to drop below their personalised blood glucose trigger before they eat most of the time, weight loss naturally follows. The degree of difficulty increases slowly as they chase a lower premeal trigger over the four weeks. 

At the end of each round, we recommend challenges take a well-earned break to practice maintaining their weight.  In maintenance mode, the DDF app provides a slightly higher premeal trigger to guide healthy eating for maintenance without weight regain. 

What Are Normal Blood Glucose Levels? 

People are always intrigued to see where they sit relative to other people in terms of their glucose values. The charts below show the distribution of glucose readings in mmol/L (for those not in the US) before and after starting the challenge.

If your blood glucose levels are on the upper end of this spectrum, a round or two of Data-Driven Fasting could help you sustainably dial in your metabolic health. 

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We hope to see you there!