Blood sugar and fat loss recipes

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand.  Many people trying to manage their blood sugars would also like to lose a bit of extra weight.  

This collection of nutrient-dense recipes has been created to help you gain control of your weight and blood sugars.  They are ideal for someone who has prediabetes or someone with type 2 diabetes who is starting to get control of their blood sugars and wants to focus on their weight.  

These recipes prioritise a lower insulin load (for more stable blood glucose and insulin levels), satiety (to enable fat loss with less hunger) as while also maximising nutrient density.   

These recipes provide adequate protein to preserve muscle and less fat to allow you to use your stored body fat.  They also have a lower energy density which will enable you to tame your appetite with fewer calories.  

Halibut with mixed salad and seeds

This super colourful meal just looks like it’s going to be healthy for you too! It has seafood for protein and omega 3s with beetroot, tomatoes and a range of colourful salads to give help you achieve your optimal intake of selenium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, vitamin K, vitamin A, folate and choline!

Mushroom micro salad with pastrami and ham

This nutrient-packed salad was David Casebeer’s secret weapon during the Nutrient Density Challenge in which he made some significant progress optimising his diet and his health in just four weeks:  

  • Weight loss = 10.8 lbs or 4.9 kg.
  • Body Fat = 2.2% reduction
  • Waist = 1.5 inches lost
  • Fasting blood sugar reduction = 55 mg/dL!

Cod, egg, avo and vege

Most people struggle to get enough potassium and omega 3s. This meal has plenty of both. It will also enable you to fill up on protein while providing optimal amounts of choline, phosphorus, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C and K1. Using egg whites is an option to reduce the energy from the fat and increase nutrient density and satiety.

Lilly’s super sushi

Lilly’s Bandily’s super sushi recipe provides heaps of vitamins and minerals from the nori, vitamin C from the peppers, a little bit of healthy fat from the avocado and some tasty protein from the ham.

Mushroom & asparagus egg white omelette with greens & ham

This high satiety egg white recipe provides a ton of protein from egg whites and ham with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals from chard, mushrooms, collards, asparagus and kimchi. It will keep your blood sugars down while keeping you full for ages!

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