Mastering Keto with Luis Villasenor: Bypass Common Mistakes for Optimal Health

Dive into an insightful conversation with KetoGains co-founder Luis Villasenor as he unravels the common missteps on a keto journey.

Discover how a well-formulated low-carb or keto diet varies from a therapeutic ketogenic diet, the importance of protein, and how to adjust your food choices for different health goals.

Whether you’re aiming for fat loss, muscle gain or better diabetes management, this discussion sheds light on key considerations to enhance your keto journey.

Ketogains co-founder Luis Villasenor and I discuss how a well-formulated low-carb or keto diet should look.  We weigh in on these topics:   

  • How is a standard or high-protein ketogenic diet for fat loss and body composition different from a therapeutic ketogenic diet for the treatment of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc.?  
  • Why is protein critical for fat loss, body composition, diabetes management, etc.?
  • Is there a universal protein target for most people?    
  • How do nutrition and protein recommendations change as we age? What are the biggest misconceptions about protein?
  • What keto concepts must people frequently unlearn when they come to Ketogains? 
  • Ketogains talks about using “fat as a lever”?  What does that mean?  When does “healthy fat” become something we should minimise, reduce, or avoid?
  • What foods do you typically recommend for most people?   How do food choices change to meet different goals (e.g. fat loss, muscle gain and bulking, etc.)?  
  • What foods do you recommend people try to incorporate when starting? 
  • What are your thoughts on fasting?  Do you practice fasting?  What does it look like for you?
  • Why do you advise people to “chase results, not ketones”?
  • What is your experience testing ketones?  What values did you see in the early days?  How about now?   
  • What measures do you use to track progress?  

Luis has been a great friend, mentor and inspiration.   He shows ways you can dial in your macros and micros to achieve your desired body composition and health goals in theory and practice.  Doing the KetoGains Bootcamp was a real turning point for me.   Luis has also contributed many of the most popular recipes in our suite of NutriBoosters ebooks.   


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1 thought on “Mastering Keto with Luis Villasenor: Bypass Common Mistakes for Optimal Health”

  1. Any recommendations for my 21 yr old T1D (son) who goes to the gym every day. He’s fit and has been doing LC almost since diagnosis because I luckily found Type 1 Grit very early on. The problem now though is he is needing more guidance with his diet to compliment and support his gym routine. I worry he’ll be easily lead and end up on protein powders that aren’t safe. He’s at Uni and goes to the Uni gym here (NSW). He’s already not eating enough vegetables anymore and tells me he wants to source raw milk because of something he read! He needs some consults or a mentor probably. He isn’t listening to his mother these days. Any guidance would be appreciated. (He does have your bodybuilder e-book and I’ve used many of your recipes over the years).

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