How to Optimise Your Fat Burning by Optimising Your Diet and Excercise | Professor Mark Cucuzzella, MD

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Show notes 

Professor Mark Cucazzella was kind enough to purchase a pre-release copy of Big Fat Keto Lies.  He sent a very encouraging message and offered to help get the word out.  So I invited him to have a chat for what turned out to be our first interview for the podcast.  

Mark is an amazing human!  He’s a doctor, athlete, professor, serial marathon runner, and shoe store owner.  He’s been a thought leader for a long time and helps people to optimise their health, fitness and nutrition. 

Mark is a guru in optimising diet and exercise for maximal fat burning and metabolic health, a topic I have been fascinated by for a long time.  I hope you enjoy the chat with Mark as much as I did.  

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