Sardine and spinach omelette

Nutrient density and healthy doesn’t have to be complex.   This simple omelette recipe provides a whack of nutrients from the sardines and spinach with some extra energy from the whole eggs and cheese.

The raw spinach may look like a lot initially, but it actually wilts down to not much.  

The warning here is that this ends up being a large volume of food, so you may want to start with the small recipe first.  

This recipe uses whole eggs.  If you really wanted to ramp up the satiety game you could replace the calories from one of the eggs with egg whites.


Three versions of this recipe are shown below to suit your calorie requirements.


Spinach, Cooked from Fresh50g
Sardines, Canned in Water, Drained90g
Red Star, Nutritional Yeast5g
Eggs, Cooked3medium


Spinach, Cooked from Fresh75g
Sardines, Canned in Water, Drained90g
Red Star, Nutritional Yeast5g
Eggs, Cooked4medium


Spinach, Cooked from Fresh100g
Sardines, Canned in Water, Drained90g
Red Star, Nutritional Yeast10g
Eggs, Cooked5medium


  • Place raw spinach into a non-stick pan.
  • While wilting the spinach, crack eggs and mix in nutritional yeast.
  • Remove spinach from pan and place pour in the egg after spraying with non-stick spray.  
  • Open can and drain sardines.
  • Cook egg until firm and add spinach and sardines onto egg mix.
  • Fold the egg over spinach and sardines.
  • Slide omelette onto a plate.
  • Add salt, pepper and no-sugar sweet chilli sauce to taste.  






The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  


  • Monica Kendall

Suitable for

  • maximum nutrient density
  • bodybuilders
  • maximum nutrient density
  • blood sugar & fat loss
  • blood sugar & diabetes
  • athletes & bulking


The ranking of this recipe is shown below.  Click the links to see the highest-ranking recipes for each goal.

nutrient density86%
lean bulking/bodybuilder90%
fat loss70%
blood sugar & fat loss83%
blood sugar/diabetes 92%
ketogenic 66%