Free 6 week Nutrient Optimser Challenge (win cash prizes)

We hope you’re having a great holiday!  

This is the time we get to relax, unwind and spend time with our family and loved ones. 

But it’s also the time that most of us eat abit more than we usually do. 

The variety of yummy foods, eating with family as part of a celebration and a wide range of delicious fat+carbs combo cause us to put on a bit of extra padding over the Christmas period.  If you feel like you’re alone, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  

Once the New Year festivities are over, many of us then go looking for ways to tighten up our diet so we like what we see in the mirror a bit more. 

Everyone will be Googling the best diet in thefirst week of January, just like every year before. 

They might even get motivated to buy a gym membership and commit to going all the time. 

But with the Nutrient Optimiser now live, we thought we would mix it up by running a challenge to introduce you to our flagship platform and help you reach your goals and build habits to ensure you make lasting changes through 2019 and beyond.  


You can be part of the six-week challenge for free, but to be part of the monetary prize pool, you will need to pay USD$50. 

Having some “skin the game” tends to make things more interesting and fun and makes you more committed.  

For this first round the prizes for eachcategory will be:

Regardless of where you come on the leaderboard, if you are able to reduce your body weight by 4% or significantly reduce your blood sugar you’ll get an unlimited access to our cronometer nutrition reports valued at $99.

First, second and third placegetters will be profiled in an article profiling Nutrient Optimiser success stories.  You will also receive an exclusive NutrientOptimiser shirt!

Your entry willqualify you for the following three categories:

  1. weight loss,
  2. blood glucose, or  
  3. glucose drop + weight loss.

Prizes will be awarded for all three categories.  At the time of writing the prize pool is sitting at USD$1500, so there should be some serious money to be won by the time we kick off in On 2 January 2019.

1. Weight loss

This first category is simple weight loss. 

While it’s ideal to focus on fat loss rather than just weight loss, weight is simple to measure and not everyone owns a scale that will measure body fat.  

The winner will be judged based on their % change in weight between 2 January 2019 and 10 February 2019 as logged in the Nutrient Optimiser

Upon sign up, we will send you an optimised food list to suit your goals as well as a detailed meal plan to ensure your success. 

2. Reduction in blood glucose

The winner of this category will be the personthat reduces their blood sugar the most over the month using nutrient dense butlow insulin load foods. 

Starting blood sugar will be the taken as the waking blood sugars during 2 – 4 January with ending blood sugar taken as the average blood sugar for 8 to 10 February 2019.  

% reduction = (average blood sugar (2  – 4 January 2019) – 100 mmol/L] – [average blood sugar (10 February 2019) – 100 mmol/L)/[average blood sugar (2  – 4 January 2019)]

Note:  As with any dietary change, you should work with your doctor/care provider to modify any medications as appropriate.  If you are currently taking insulin you should monitor your blood glucose closely and reduce your insulin dosing.

3.Blood sugar + weight loss

This is actually the category that we’re most interested in, as fat loss is critical to stabilising blood sugars in the long term. 

We want to see people both reduce their blood sugar in the short term as well as lose body fat so they can have the best chance of reversing their diabetes for the long term.

The winner of this category will be the one that reduces their body fat AND drops their blood sugar by the most. 

What to do to enter 

Simply go to Nutrient Optimiser Free 6-week Challenge Page and sign up. We have limited spots available.

If you take action within the next 72 hours, you’ll also get our 6-week meal plan template and premier accountability from us.

What else do I get?

In the week leading up to the New Year, we’ll be running live Q&As to give you a tour of the NutrientOptimiser platform and answer any questions you may have. 

We’ll also be doing regular Facebook Live sessions in the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group in the week before and the week after New Years to answer any questions you may have. 

After that, we there will be weekly Facebook Live sessions to answer any questions as well as continual support in the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group where everyone will benefit from the discussion. 

Further questions

If you have any further questions make sure you ask them over in the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group.